Abraham Adams

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook


February 2015

Dogs and the dead populate the videos, sculptures, and print works in Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook’s first US retrospective, a show that summons questions about what companion species are beyond human companionship, what cadavers are other than… READ ON


Mary Walling Blackburn

Sala Diaz

February 2015

During the reading of Mary Walling Blackburn’s pro-choice children’s book released in fall 2014 at e-flux (Sister Apple, Sister Pig), a child in the audience shouted, “This is b-o-r-n-g [sic]: boring!” It’s true: The book was not … READ ON


Moriah Evans

ISSUE Project Room

January 2015

Moriah Evans’s much-anticipated debut at Issue Project Room begins before you enter, and you are let in one by one. This feels oddly both intimate and distancing, as if the dance is being privately disclosed to you but taking place for its… READ ON


Peter Wächtler

Reena Spaulings Fine Art

January 2015

Something is wrong with the centurions. They’re struggling beneath the royal box seating’s canopy. So why are the attendants still fanning the throne with peacock feathers? And have none of them seen the giant wheel the rest of the … READ ON


“Three Cups Fragrance”


December 2014

“Three Cups Fragrance” takes its name from tea consumed in three successive brews of the same leaves. The précis offers tasting notes about this tea without a hint of further commentary. Routine, privately comforting, to recycle drink … READ ON


Bohumila Grögerová (1921–2014)

Abraham Adams on Bohumila Grögerová (1921–2014)

October 2014

1967 WAS A YEAR that poetry as a visual art briefly saw recognition in book publishing on a scale that reflected its long influence on writers and artists, with one major anthology of Concrete poetry released in North America and another in… READ ON




October 2013

Kerry Downey and Joanna J. Seitz’s video King Suite 201, 2013, is one of the most playful and convincing works in “Ajar,” a group show that brings together artworks by A. K. Burns, Lea Cetera, Brie Ruais, and Julia Sherman. In the film,… READ ON