Agnieszka Gratza

William Kentridge

EYE Filmmuseum

July 2015

Spread over four oddly shaped rooms, this tight-knit exhibition begins with a portrait gallery of cardboard cutouts mounted on the walls. Roughly sketched out, effigies of Cicero and Giordano Bruno rub shoulders with those of Chinese … READ ON


Juan Muñoz


June 2015

Spanish artist Juan Muñoz’s sculptures and installations are the stuff of dreams, or nightmares. The geometric patterned linoleum floor he designed, which greets visitors entering the main exhibition room, seems to infinitely extend the … READ ON


Ian Cheng

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

June 2015

A “smart story” is how Ian Cheng describes Emissary in the Squat of Gods, 2015, the latest of his live simulations and the centerpiece of this exhibition. Neither a movie nor a video game, yet partaking of both, this never-ending … READ ON


Track Meet

New-Territories and Pierre Huyghe’s “What Could Happen”


STEPPING INSIDE the plush lobby of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina—a mere four miles from Saint Moritz in the Engadin valley—felt like walking into a time warp. The beautifully appointed Kronenhof, overlooking the Roseg Glacier … READ ON


James Benning

Kunstverein in Hamburg

March 2015

With its white walls, this latest installation of “Decoding Fear” seems the negative image of the show’s first iteration at Kunsthaus Graz, where sundry objects, texts, and projections were displayed in a dark space. In either iteration,… READ ON


Private Eyes

The 4th artgenève

March 2015 GENEVA

CONVENIENTLY LOCATED FOR THE CITY AIRPORT, if not much else, artgenève is a ten-minute walk from the arrival gate. Though styled as a salon d’art, there is nothing salon-like about the vast complex known as Palexpo—short for Palais des… READ ON


Drama School

A congress for Artist Organisations International

January 2015 BERLIN

“WE CAN LEARN A LOT FROM PIRATES,” artist Jonas Staal assured us. We had just finished the “Violence & Non-Violence” panel that closed day two of Artist Organisations International (AOI), a congress initiated by Staal with the … READ ON


Money Talks

The 3rd Amsterdam Art Weekend

December 2014 AMSTERDAM

A MAN WALKS into a bar and greets another: “Wasabi.”  What on earth does that mean? “What’s up,” artist Gabriel Lester had to spell it out for me.  The bar, furnished with slanted black wooden stools designed by Robert Wilhite to… READ ON


Agnieszka Gratza

December 2014

ALEXANDRA BACHZETSIS’S RIVETING NEW PERFORMANCE and installation piece, From A to B via C, comes in three versions, respectively destined for theatrical, museum, and online viewing. I caught the premiere of the first iteration staged as … READ ON


“Portraits d’intérieurs”

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco | Villa Sauber, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco | Villa Sauber

September 2014

The pictorial genre that lends this exhibition its title flourished in the second half of the nineteenth century, before photography made it redundant. “Interior portraits” depicted living spaces and their furnishings, devoid of yet … READ ON