Alex Jovanovich

Michelle Grabner

James Cohan Gallery

October 2014

There is an expansive effort to create a steady sense of joy in the carefully constructed paper weavings and enamel paintings of Michelle Grabner. Her work feels steeped in the rhythms of ritual and dailiness, thoroughly tended to and loved,… READ ON


Dave Hardy

Churner and Churner

October 2014

There’s a great tradition of garbage art, from Kurt Schwitters’s collage and assemblage works and the Situationists’ reconfigurations of trash culture to Rachel Harrison’s and Isa Genzken’s brilliantly mean-spirited monuments to … READ ON


Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE and Pierre Molinier


September 2014

Imagine a sexual identity outside of the tedious LGBTQ-whatever-whatever-whatever acronym, one that doesn’t fall into the rank and file of stultifying political positioning or compartmentalization. Imagine bodies who’d balk at the notion… READ ON


Charles James

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

June 2014

Charles James’s life wasn’t all debs, soigné parties, and Slim Keith. By the time of his death in 1978, after a lifetime of striking up bad business deals and alienating scores of friends and supporters, the visionary fashion designer … READ ON


Keil Borrman


May 2014

Keil Borrman’s second solo show in New York, “The Choice We Face,” is—to quote the press release—“a collaboration with some of New York’s leading audio designers.” For this exhibition, Borrman completed over twenty new paintings,… READ ON


Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno

Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno speak about their latest performance

February 2014

Artist-comedian Justin Cooper and artist-comedian–professional magician Ross Moreno are the coconspirators behind Chuckles+, a comedy/performance project they commenced in 2011. On February 9, 2014, they will perform at Harbor Gallery in … READ ON


Allison Schulnik


January 2014

Shit is death but also life—the stuff of waste and resurrection. Georges Bataille quite acutely understood this material’s deeply mortal qualities. So does Allison Schulnik. In “Eager,” her second solo exhibition at this space, the … READ ON


Alex Jovanovich

December 2013

AMERICA, like its psychic capital, New York City, is intolerable and bright. And, being Americans and New Yorkers, we are envied and reviled by many the world over—deservedly so. Nonetheless, I am grateful to be immersed in this marriage … READ ON


Heather Cassils

December 2013

In many contexts, soft is a derisive term. When describing character, it connotes wimpiness or gullibility; when describing physique, it suggests the flabbiness our fat-phobic culture finds utterly repellent. In 2011, Heather Cassils banished… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2013 [TOC]

Bell, Book, and Candle

“The Occult Humanities Conference” at NYU

October 2013 NEW YORK

Raconteur Kristine McKenna once asked the inimitable curator Walter Hopps why he loved art. His response: “Because it’s the most beautiful secret language we have.”  Sadly, these days it ain’t secret enough. Art fairs are cropping … READ ON