Alpesh Kantilal Patel

Antonia Wright

Spinello Projects

June 2014

This survey of Miami-based Antonia Wright’s recent work includes a dozen videos; however, the body is the true medium she explores and pushes to the limit. For instance, Wright forces her own eye to register the sensation of touch in creating… READ ON


Russell Maltz

Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Alejandra von Hartz Gallery

May 2014

Each of the five works installed in the front room of Russell Maltz’s first solo exhibition in Miami is composed of stacked rectangular and square plywood plates suspended in the air by a single steel-post bracket. Their self-reflexive but… READ ON


Aziz + Cucher

The Screening Room

January 2014

For their latest exhibition, Aziz + Cucher present a video installation based on bombed-out buildings in Sarajevo and throughout Bosnia. Originally commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2012, this version of the work has been … READ ON


Peggy Levison Nolan

Dina Mitrani Gallery

October 2013

For this exhibition, Miami-based photographer Peggy Levison Nolan has included over eighty of her small-scale color photographs taken between 2001 and the present day. Framed and hung side by side, they wrap around the gallery walls in a … READ ON


Nasreen Mohamedi

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

September 2013

This large-scale retrospective—the artist’s second posthumous exhibition in India—of 135 drawings, paintings, and photographs by Karachi-born Nasreen Mohamedi (1937–1990) stands out among a trio of shows the museum has ambitiously … READ ON


Shinique Smith

David Castillo Gallery

June 2013

The title of New York–based Shinique Smith’s exhibition “Kaleidoscopic” aptly describes her paintings, in which colorful acrylic flourishes often burst forth dramatically from a smaller swirl of fabrics, found objects, and paper. In… READ ON


Charles LeDray

October 2012

Human labor revealed itself as the core of this tightly curated show. Featuring only four of Charles LeDray’s meticulously crafted pieces, the exhibition was a concentrated extract of the New York–based sculptor’s fifty-some-piece … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2012 [TOC]

Fiona Rae

Leeds Art Gallery

August 2012

In this exhibition, a survey of Fiona Rae’s output since 2000, seventeen oil and acrylic paintings on canvas—assembled across two rooms in the gallery—draw on everything from the Technicolor of cartoons Rae watched as a child in Hong … READ ON


“The Woodmans”

Gallery Diet

March 2012

This exhibition presents the prodigious output of the talented Woodman family––parents George and Betty, son Charlie, and daughter Francesca, who committed suicide at the age of twenty-two and is arguably the most famous. Rather than … READ ON


“Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply”

November 2011

This exhibition’s title references a well-known line from the 1981 film Scarface that foreshadows the self-destruction of Al Pacino’s character from cocaine abuse at the apogee of his power. Unlike the movie, the works on view have little… READ ON