Amy Taubin

Hanging on the Telephone

Amy Taubin on Sean Baker’s Tangerine

July 2015

SEAN BAKER’S TANGERINE is fated to go down in film history as the first really enticing-looking film to be shot entirely on an iPhone 5s. Without the barrage of making-of articles about the movie, including two in the New York Times, you … READ ON


Chasing Amy

Amy Taubin on Asif Kapadia’s Amy

July 2015

ELLEN WILLIS wrote that Janis Joplin’s death was “an artistic as well as a human calamity.” So too was the death of Amy Winehouse. Calamity is an easier word than tragedy, which carries all that classical baggage. But as he showed with… READ ON


Gray’s Anatomy

Amy Taubin on Stephanie Gray at Anthology Film Archives

June 2015

AVANT-GARDE FILMS, as Jonas Mekas often explains, are to narrative movies as poetry is to prose. Mekas was a poet before he ever picked up a camera. Now ninety-two, he continues to both write and film. Stephanie Gray, roughly half Mekas’s… READ ON


“China: Through the Looking Glass”

May 2015

Curated by Andrew Bolton Among the most subtly erotic images in all cinema is the slow-motion shot of Maggie Cheung wearing an iridescent cheongsam that shimmers red to green as she ascends the stairs in Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love… READ ON


Crystal Moselle’s The Wolfpack


May 2015

THE WOLFPACK, which won the grand prize for documentary at Sundance 2015, is a celebration of movies and the cinephiles who live through and by them as if their obsession weren’t going out of style. A male coming-of-age narrative, it delivers… READ ON

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Missing Link

Amy Taubin on About Elly

April 2015

WITH THEIR WIVES and young children in tow, three old friends drive from Tehran to a weekend rental on the Caspian Sea. Almost from the vacation’s first moment, things go wrong, and tiny lies snowball into matters of life and death. Asghar… READ ON


Mouths Wide Shut

Amy Taubin on James Fotopoulos at Microscope Gallery

March 2015

BEWARE OF MOVIES in which actresses spend most of their time in eyelet-trimmed white cotton nightdresses, as does Sophie Traub in James Fotopoulos’s The Given (2015). According to the filmmaker, The Given is about “acting, performance, … READ ON


Kornél Mundruczó’s White God


March 2015

ALTHOUGH I WOULD NOT be the person I am today had I not seen Bambi as a child, I do not recommend taking kids to White God, which is similarly tender, harrowing, heartbreaking—and violent. And although the central characters of Kornél … READ ON

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Head of the Class

Amy Taubin on Julie Lopes-Curval’s High Society in Film Comment Selects

February 2015

ALICE (ANA GIRARDOT), a pretty twenty-year-old who is in her first year at the Paris fashion trades institute L’École Duperré, and Antoine (Bastien Bouillon), an attractive business major who is about to drop out of grad school to become… READ ON


Troublé and Then Some

Amy Taubin on Agnčs Troublé’s My Name Is Hmmm… at MoMA

January 2015

DELICATE, TOUGH, and heartbreakingly sad, My Name Is Hmmm… (2013) is the first feature by Agnès Troublé, better known as the fashion designer agnès b. You’ve probably seen—maybe even worn—her “j’aime le cinéma” T-shirt. You… READ ON