Annie Godfrey Larmon

“Katinka Bock: A and I”

January 2014

Curated by Luis Croquer Paris-based German sculptor Katinka Bock’s formally austere objects often strike a mild dissonance with the spaces that contain them. Made from found wood, cement, iron, and sand, her works revisit the vernacular … READ ON


Société Réaliste


October 2013

Jagged text on a new hot-red awning on Broome Street instructs “Lasciate ogne stranezza voi ch’intrate” (Abandon all strangeness ye who enter here). The work, produced by the Paris-based cooperative Société Réaliste as part of their… READ ON


Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte speaks about his current exhibition, “Fun Sponge”

July 2013

Alex Da Corte is a Philadelphia-based artist, collector, and scavenger. His work in video, installation, and painting is invested in troubling and disseminating the notion of authorship while simultaneously tracing networks and communities.… READ ON



Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture

May 2013

In 1986, Conceptual art pioneer Seth Siegelaub founded the Amsterdam-based Centre for Social Research on Old Textiles (CSROT), an institution dedicated to investigating the social history of textiles. Today, the CSROT’s collection contains… READ ON