Barbara Buchmaier

Tobias Kaspar


April 2013

Tobias Kaspar belongs to a generation of young artists connected to an international network, producing art that accordingly peers out from the border of its discipline to explore the bridges between art, fashion, lifestyle, and the business… READ ON


Alexander Hempel

Lars Friedrich

January 2013

This spare, eponymous exhibition of recent work by performance artist Alexander Hempel features three monochrome canvases that are each painted a primary color. Staged as “ready-made paintings” they are accompanied by an album containing… READ ON


Julia Haller

Diko Reisen

March 2012

In the entrance to this eccentric exhibition space––an art gallery in an innovative travel agency (Diko-Reisen)––one is greeted by the first work (all are untitled and 2012) in Julia Haller’s show: a grid of nine paintings in thin… READ ON


Dave McKenzie

Wien Lukatsch

January 2012

Rearranging older works in new contexts is typical of Dave McKenzie. Though the artist is already well known in the United States, “Citizen” marks his first solo European exhibition. There are many noticeable differences between this and… READ ON


Hans-Christian Lotz

November 2011

Hans-Christian Lotz’s solo debut in Berlin is also the first exhibition at this new gallery. Lotz, who most recently exhibited dirty and rusty white refrigerator doors from junkyards as paintings, has again incorporated readymades here. … READ ON


Benjamin Saurer

September 2011

The Berlin-based artist Benjamin Saurer is known for his small, luminous paintings, which feature painstakingly precise layers of paint and wax batik. Often the canvases depict cartoonlike scenes that satirize the art world; in some he has … READ ON


Sebastian Stumpf

July 2011

At the center of Sebastian Stumpf’s video installations and photographs, there is always his own body, which he stages in artistic and subversive actions that refer to the space of the city. In his first solo exhibition at the recently … READ ON


“Lost Form”

April 2011

Anyone familiar with this gallery’s program, which primarily features abstract and representational painting and sculpture from Dresden-based artists, will be surprised by the open-ended title of this group show. Here, works by gallery … READ ON


Dominik Sittig

March 2010

Dominik Sittig’s first solo exhibition, “Dekade & Dekor” (Decade & Decor), offers fourteen paintings in various shades of gray. With their decisively executed gestural abstraction and delicately caked surfaces, which in some places … READ ON


Florian Schmidt

October 2009

For his first solo exhibition in Italy, the young Austrian painter Florian Schmidt, known for an analytic and occasionally site-specific approach, uses materials such as canvas, cardboard, and wood to broaden his examination of painting by … READ ON