Barbara Buchmaier

Joseph Zehrer

July 2009

Many of the recent works by German artist Joseph Zehrer employ decalcomania. In his personal interpretation of the technique, which was adopted and developed by the Surrealists, Zehrer transfers acrylic paint from one sheet of Plexiglas to … READ ON


Imi Knoebel

July 2009

The dominant architectural characteristics of Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie––with its clearly structured transparent facade and interior area uninterrupted by walls or dividers––have tested the mettle of many curators … READ ON



September 2008

How do iconic artworks emerge? What makes pieces of fine art so “different,” so valuable and worth preserving? Asking such fundamental and provocative questions is the characteristic approach of Berlin-based curator and art critic … READ ON


Matthew Burbidge and Jaro Straub

August 2008

Reflecting Guy Debord’s critical thoughts on the capitalist ideology of consumption, published in The Society of the Spectacle, the Berlin-based artists Matthew Burbidge and Jaro Straub, in their second collaboration, have created a stagelike… READ ON


Luca Vitone

July 2008

“Ich, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz” (I, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz) could easily be the name of a biopic, performance, or book. Instead, it is the apt title of Italian artist Luca Vitone’s recent site-specific exhibition, located down the street from… READ ON


Jin Lie

June 2008

“In this little volume I have compiled a collection of about forty portraits of writers and artists it was my privilege to become acquainted with,” writes the late photographer Gisèle Freund in the preface to Gisèle Freund: The Poetry… READ ON


Ariel Schlesinger

April 2008

Visitors to Israeli artist Ariel Schlesinger’s first solo exhibition in Germany find a scenario in which the artist has cast himself as a magician, inventor, and archaeologist. The show offers a selection of objects, mostly made with everyday… READ ON


Georg Herold

March 2008

Georg Herold, one of the “bad boys” of 1980s German art, deploys an idiosyncratic blend of existential humor, text, and everyday materials (such as wooden slats and bricks) to question art and its context. Now, at the age of sixty, the … READ ON


Jeff Wall

January 2008

At Documenta 10, in 1997, Canadian artist Jeff Wall, recognized primarily for color photographs mounted on light boxes, exhibited for the first time black-and-white pictures. Now, “Jeff Wall: Exposure,” an exhibition that commemorates … READ ON


Sarah Morris

December 2007

China, in particular the boomtown Beijing, host of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, is the cultural framework of Sarah Morris’s recent painting series, “Rings” and “Origami,” both 2006–. In her fourth solo show at Max Hetzler, the… READ ON