Beau Rutland

“Anicka Yi: 6,070,430K of Digital Spit”

May 2015

Curated by Alise Upitis Anicka Yi can’t forget the “taste” of El Bulli recipe 1647, mentholated and matcha-infused water vapor sealed below a layer of ice. Like Ferran Adrià before her, Yi is drawn to enmeshing the scientific and the… READ ON



February 2015

WHAT BECOMES A LEGEND MOST? For years, the artwork, actions, and life of Sturtevant operated like a trade secret, quietly scrambling preconceived notions of the origin of appropriation. Having been one of the first postwar artists to create… READ ON

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October 2014

WHO HUNG the Sherrie Levine next to a David Hammons? If this curatorial decision seemed intuitive in one sense—which two artists since the 1970s have made greater strides while ignoring convention?—the pairing still left many visitors to … READ ON

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April 2014

WHAT DO WE EXPECT OF PHOTOGRAPHY TODAY? Should it muse on the negotiations of our screen-filled lives? Or comment on Photoshop, the software that has seemingly come to stand for the medium itself? Recent essays and exhibitions have suggested… READ ON

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Leslie Hewitt

November 2013

Leslie Hewitt’s artwork has remained admirably consistent since she began exhibiting around a decade ago, still strongly exuding intelligence and revealing the artist’s knack for mining the aesthetic possibilities of a given image. Replete… READ ON

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Jimmy DeSana

October 2013

At once anonymous and familiar, the figures populating Jimmy DeSana’s performative photographs are stripped of identity, their faces either cropped out of the frame, turned away from the camera, or obscured by objects both commonplace (… READ ON

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Josh Kline

47 Canal

September 2013

“Quality of Life,” Josh Kline’s second solo exhibition, feels like a culmination of sorts, certainly in regards to the resurgence of posthumanism in contemporary art—in the context of his work, bodies that have surpassed the human … READ ON


“Outside The Lines”

September 2013

Curated by Bill Arning, Valerie Cassel Oliver, and Dean Daderko This year, a string of six shows based around the current state of abstract painting will commemorate CAMH’s sixty-fifth anniversary. Forgoing a voguish focus on the medium… READ ON



Beau Rutland on Liz Larner’s Orchid, Buttermilk, Penny, 1987

September 2013

IT MAY SEEM RETARDATAIRE, but I’d like to have an intimate, lifelong relationship with an artwork, becoming so familiar with it that the effects of aging stand out against my memories of our initial acquaintance. Even those who don’t … READ ON

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Peter Roehr

September 2013

TURN WASTE GASOLINE INTO EXTRA MILEAGE. Fitting somewhere between a World War II pro-rationing slogan and ad copy for a fuel-efficient car, this saying appears over and over in Peter Roehr’s Film-Montagen I–III, 1965, a series of twenty-two… READ ON

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