Brian Sholis

Tony Feher

Tony Feher discusses his retrospective

June 2013

Artist Tony Feher is the subject of a twenty-five-year retrospective that originated at the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston and is on view at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts, until September 15. Feher, known … READ ON


Darren Almond

May 2013

For nearly two decades, British artist Darren Almond has demonstrated a fascination with the particular ways in which we chart and divide up time. Some of his earliest and best-known pieces involve retro-style flip clocks, including one the… READ ON

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Thomas Barrow

March 2013

This exhibition surveyed more than thirty-five years of photographer Thomas Barrow’s art, from the early series “Cancellations,” 1974–81, for which he first became widely known, to a recent body of work, “Detritus Bags,” 2009–,… READ ON

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Barb Choit

February 2013

Memories fade, so we invented a chemical process by which we can affix images of our world to paper. Yet photographs also fade, so we place them behind protective glass or store them away from the very light that brings them into being. By … READ ON

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Joel Meyerowitz

January 2013

The first of a two-part survey of Joel Meyerowitz’s fifty-year career as a photographer, this exhibition presented nearly four dozen color and black-and-white prints of varying sizes. Today, Meyerowitz is known for large-format landscape … READ ON

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Yasuhiro Ishimoto

December 2012

Yasuhiro Ishimoto died this past February at the age of ninety. This exhibition functioned as a small homage to the artist, who, over the course of nearly six decades, worked in a wide range of styles. Although he was born in San Francisco,… READ ON

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Melanie Schiff

Kavi Gupta Gallery

November 2012

Four years ago Melanie Schiff moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. Despite the change in environment, her newest photographs demonstrate her increasing assuredness with motifs she has explored for nearly a decade. Her earliest works, made circa… READ ON


Danny Lyon

Churner and Churner

November 2012

In 2007 Les Blank, a filmmaker known for decades’ worth of work on quintessentially American subjects, ventured to China in order to make All in This Tea, a film about a tea importer. Now Danny Lyon, equally identified with America through… READ ON


James Welling

November 2012

There are two dominant ways in which photographers have envisioned the landscape of the American West. One, glorying in the land and emphasizing descriptive specificity, is rooted in government-survey pictures of the 1870s; the other, wry … READ ON

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Barney Kulok

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery

October 2012

The austere geometry and muscular presence of architect Louis Kahn’s late designs infuses the photographs Barney Kulok has taken of the Four Freedoms Park. In this exhibition, however, one won’t find conventional documentation of the … READ ON