Brooks Adams

Opium for the Masses (Kouroi for the Few)

Lisa Liebmann and the Yves Saint Laurent/Pierre Bergé Sale

March 2009 PARIS

IT CANNOT HAVE BEEN A COINCIDENCE that the public viewing of the Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé Collection was slated for the height of what in Roman Catholic Europe is widely celebrated as Carnival Week, and that the auction itself, … READ ON


“Transformations: The Art of Joan Brown”

April 2008

IN PRINT April 1999

“The Risk of Existence”

April 2008

IN PRINT February 1999

James Fenton


April 2008

IN PRINT January 1999

Robert Rosenblum


March 2007

A pioneering critic of the past fifty years and a revisionist scholar of the preceding two hundred, Artforum contributing editor Robert Rosenblum will be remembered for the stunning breadth of his erudition and taste. In the issue, a trio of… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2007 [TOC]

Surreal Life

A sale of Julien Levy's collection

June 2006 PARIS

The “Hommage à Julien Levy Part 2” sale at Tajan on June 8 was laid-back yet stately, a schvitzy, slacker minuet. Levy (1906–81) is most famous as the dealer who brought the Surrealists to New York in the ’30s and ’40s. He exhibited… READ ON


Malcolm Morley

January 2006

The show, which includes recent paintings, such as those of model-plane kits and current events in Afghanistan (most never before shown in the States), should reveal an oeuvre marked by radical switches but also by a deep inner consistency.… READ ON


Fantastic Voyage

Le Voyage Intérieur

November 2005 PARIS

Paris is awash with visions of melancholy and esoteric variants of romanticism this autumn, both of which tend to put me in a very good mood. There's “Mélancolie” and “Vienne 1900” at the Grand Palais; the first retrospective of the… READ ON


Reductio Ad Rirkrit

Rirkrit Tiravanija in Paris

February 2005 PARIS

We hopped in a cab last Wednesday night and headed over to ye olde sixth arrondisement, where Rirkrit Tiravanija's “Une Retrospective (tomorrow is another fine day)” was opening in the venerable Couvent des Cordeliers. The Couvent, a … READ ON


International Style

Le Plateau, Paris

December 2004 PARIS

On a freezing December evening, we rose from a winter’s nap and, automatonlike, lumbered out to our Twingo and drove up to Le Plateau for the opening of “Ralentir Vite” (Slow Down Fast), the first exhibition curated by the space’s … READ ON