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Bruce Hainley on Jacques Nolot’s Before I Forget (2007)

September 2014

JACQUES NOLOT NEVER FORGOT how Roland Barthes introduced him to André Téchiné: “Je vais te montrer une roulure” [“I’ll show you a slut”]. A young and come-hither mec on the make, Nolot would only later become known as a writer … READ ON




September 2014

BRUCE HAINLEY: The Lady died. When I first heard the news about the sad, too-soon event, all I could think was: What a total drag. Not that the spaceship wasn’t going to come for her eventually, but I just couldn’t believe she wouldn’t… READ ON

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Bruce Hainley

December 2013

1 MAUREEN GALLACE (OVERDUIN AND KITE, LOS ANGELES) We live in a time of a lot of very bad art. (Has it ever been otherwise?) Not long ago, Frederick Seidel summed the situation up: so much “heat but no warmth.” He was alluding to empty … READ ON

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“An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, and their Circle”

May 2013

Curated by Michael Duncan and Christopher Wagstaff Finally, with Jay DeFeo’s epic work making a grand tour, a definitive edition of Robert Duncan’s The H. D. Book becoming available, and Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian’s recent collection… READ ON



May 2013

FORGOING OUTRIGHT ATROCITY, of which there is so much—too much—right now, aren’t the “life,” “body,” and “face” of Michael Jackson in the running for some of the most abstract events of the last century? (I use the tweezers … READ ON

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Bruce Hainley

December 2012

Midwinter murder is in my heart As I stand there on the curb in my opera pumps, Waiting for the car to come and the opera to start, Amid the Broadway homeless frozen clumps.  —Frederick Seidel, “Midwinter”  I’VE BEEN HEARING ABOUT … READ ON

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“Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective”

October 2012

The late Ken Price was the hairy potter our greed-driven times needed—one who conjured wonder from base materials.… READ ON



March 2012

WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH. We love to rediscover STURTEVANT, to relive her relentlessly recombinant logic. We love the way her work multiplies, whether as hyperspeed sexed-up video clip or scandalously wholesale copy or the readymade we never really… READ ON

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Roland Barthes


November 2010

“HOW CAN YOU LIKE THAT SILLY HOMOSEXUAL?”  So Helen Vendler sets the scene for her defense of Roland Barthes, six years after his death in 1980, with the question she was asked “by an eminent literary critic in tones of impatience and… READ ON

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Clements’s Time

The opening of “Richard Hawkins: Third Mind”

October 2010 CHICAGO

THERE WAS NO ONE who looked remotely as compelling as George Clements at the opening for Richard Hawkins’s first American museum survey at the Art Institute of Chicago, so I’m skipping any rundown or namechecking of supposed hoi polloi.… READ ON