Cathryn Drake

Over the Edge

“Thinking at the Edge of the World”


MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED artists, designers, academics, and scientists migrated north to Spitsbergen Island the second weekend of June for “Thinking at the Edge of the World,” a three-day cross-disciplinary conference organized by the Office… READ ON


Drama Club

Marina Abramović’s “As One” at the Benaki Museum in Athens

April 2016 ATHENS

CRISIS DRAWS GAWKERS AS WELL AS REVOLUTIONARIES, but more than anything it really rallies the gurus. To wit, the reigning diva of performance art, Marina Abramović, recently arrived in the birthplace of drama to apply her “method” to … READ ON


Search and Destroy

The opening of the 5th Athens Biennale

December 2015 ATHENS

THE OPENING DAY OF “OMONOIA,” the fifth Athens Biennale, was typical for the ancient city: Traffic was disrupted by the latest in a series of anti-austerity demonstrations at Syntagma Square—this time the pharmacists, followed the next… READ ON


“Time Flies Like an Arrow, Fruit Flies Like a Banana”

December 2015

Curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas, “Time Flies Like an Arrow, Fruit Flies Like a Banana” was the culmination of the Tinos Quarry Platform, a new residency program cofounded by artist Petros Touloudis and Vasilis Nasis. Time on this … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2015 [TOC]

Paul McCarthy and Georg Baselitz

The George Economou Collection

July 2015

This exhibition is a strangely sympathetic dialogue between a pair of perennial rebels whose work transgresses and lampoons popular norms through approaches that surf seamlessly between mediums to critique and contaminate artistic conventions.… READ ON


For Love or Money

The launch of Dio Horia in Mykonos


THE ISLAND OF MYKONOS has absolutely everything for the discerning bon vivant and has managed, in spite of its popularity with twenty-four-hour party people, to remain largely unspoiled and, well, absolutely fabulous. Marina Vranopoulou, who… READ ON


Chill Factor

The 20th edition of MiArt

April 2015 MILAN

MILAN IS THE FASHION and design center of Italy and yet until recently its fair, MiArt, had been a poor stepchild to the grandfather Artefiera Bologna and elegant Artissima. Since director Vincenzo De Bellis took it under his wing in 2013 … READ ON


Ice Age

The opening of Joan Jonas’s “Glacier” at Kunsthall Svalbard


LONGYEARBYEN IS THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER TOWN, the northernmost settlement in the world and jumping-off point for the North Pole, complete with coal miners, extreme filmmakers, polar scientists, a seed vault for the apocalypse, a newspaper called… READ ON


Helidon Gjergji

December 2014

The titular centerpiece of Helidon Gjergji’s show “e-mages,” at the National Gallery of Arts, is a slide show in which fragmented photos of Joseph Stalin’s family and friends are projected onto a shattered mirror lying on the floor … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2014 [TOC]

Creative Representation

The 11th Dak’Art Biennial


GETTING FROM GENEVA to the eleventh edition of Dak’Art, the oldest biennial in Africa, was like an endurance rally of yore. From a confusing new visa policy to organizational tumult, the required skill was sheer determination, which would… READ ON