Chelsea Haines

“Confidence-Building Measures”

Petach Tikva Museum

July 2014

The Hebrew title of this exhibition (“צעדים בוני אמון”) translates into English as “Confidence-Building Measures,” a term to which the world of international relations refers as CBMs. Developed during the Cold War, CBMs… READ ON


“13 Most Wanted Men”

Queens Museum

May 2014

Fifty years ago, architect Philip Johnson invited the edgy up-and-coming artist Andy Warhol to produce one of ten commissions for the facade of the World’s Fair New York State Pavilion—Warhol’s first and ultimately last public-art … READ ON


Leigh Ledare

Mitchell-Innes & Nash | Chelsea

April 2014

“Things I want—not to do mother again. Things she wants—to do mother again . . .” These words are scrawled underneath a black-and-white photograph of a mostly nude woman seated spread-eagled in elegant surroundings with her face … READ ON


Laure Prouvost

New Museum

March 2014

“For Forgetting,” Laure Prouvost’s solo museum debut in the United States, is a messy, cacophonic installation that latches onto the visitor’s subconscious ambitions and desires only to rashly relinquish hold moments later. The artist… READ ON


“Alien She”

Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University

January 2014

“Because we must take over the means of production in order to create our own meanings,” wrote Kathleen Hanna in a 1991 manifesto published in the second issue of the Bikini Kill zine. Her words are posted in the front gallery of “Alien… READ ON


“Descartes’ Daughter”

Swiss Institute

October 2013

For “Descartes’ Daughter,” curator Piper Marshall has invoked the effigy the philosopher created of his only child, Francine, following her untimely death at five years old. The binary Cartesian realms of mind and body are both conjured… READ ON


“Homeward Found”

The Wassaic Project Summer Festival

August 2013

The Wassaic Project is a quirky, informal yet surprisingly ambitious exhibition and residency complex in a sleepy hamlet in upstate New York. At its core is a four-story mill converted into a quick-and-dirty exhibition space. This is the site… READ ON


“For All the World to See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights”

Addison Gallery of American Art

July 2013

A traveling exhibition organized by Maurice Berger, this substantial show explores the trajectory of the civil rights movement in relation to mass media, popular trends, and visual culture in America at the time. Over 250 objects and artifacts… READ ON