Chloť Rossetti

Nancy Lupo

Nancy Lupo discusses her latest works

March 2014

Los Angeles–based artist Nancy Lupo is a participant in “Taster’s Choice” at MoMA PS1, a group show that examines the role of “choice” in art, both as process and as content. Below, Lupo ruminates on her new sculptures in the … READ ON


G. T. Pellizzi

Mary Boone Gallery

January 2014

The sculptures and paintings in G. T. Pellizzi’s latest exhibition, “Financial Times,” cast the global economic system as a ubiquitous and disembodied mythology, able to be manipulated by those few—financial analysts, gurus, stockbrokers,… READ ON


Charline von Heyl

Petzel Gallery

September 2013

One may say a successful painting forces the viewer to keep looking, beset with an urge to understand some elusive trait that leaves an impression so fleeting that desire is set off again and again. This paradoxical quality is the crux of … READ ON


Golden Gloves

Chloť Rossetti on Cutie and the Boxer

August 2013

CUTIE AND THE BOXER (2013), a film that splits open the breast, depicts a complex, decades-long marriage between two artists living in close quarters. Far from a tribute to lockstep marital harmony, the film is a document of overlapping … READ ON



The Horticultural Society of New York

June 2013

Betty Woodman’s ceramic sculpture On the Way to Mexico, 2012, presides over the entrance “Vessels” as both gatekeeper to this group exhibition and harbinger for the display beyond. The fiery glazed red-and-orange front of the piece … READ ON


Carroll Dunham

Gladstone Gallery | West 24th St

December 2012

Carroll Dunham, master of the solid form, man of the (mostly) closed edge, presents a new suite of nudes, and some trees. Brazen as ever, the scopophilic––verging on misogynistic––treatment of the subject matter belies Dunham’s … READ ON


Phong Bui

Show Room

December 2012

Phong Bui’s studio in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn fell victim to a flash flood last August, claiming 20 percent of his art. Lining the floor of that space, Bui’s life work, accreted, became an unsalvageable bog, detrital and… READ ON


Nathlie Provosty


November 2012

Nathlie Provosty’s intimate works on paper, linen, and sheepskin, on view in her debut solo New York exhibition, are as much a meditation on the lineage of materials as they are a visually compelling investigation into the history of … READ ON


Richard Gordon

Gitterman Gallery

October 2012

Richard Gordon was a very “slow” photographer, a patron of the patient viewer. His many subjects were often quotidian, well framed, and densely layered with meaning. So slow is the impact of his work that it may take a long time after … READ ON


“Interior Visions”

Colby College Museum of Art

September 2012

The Paul J. Schupf Wing for the Works of Alex Katz, at the Colby College Museum of Art, is a wing dedicated to, as its name suggests, a permanent, rotating display of Colby’s considerable collection of Katz’s work. Currently on view is … READ ON