Christina Schmid

Yui Yaegashi

Midway Contemporary Art

November 2015

Yui Yaegashi’s paintings are small, but despite their size, they own the gallery. Their humble presence fills the white walls with rectangles of muted colors. Their intricacy demands intimacy. Up close are minute topographies: Here, a … READ ON


Lukas Geronimas

November 2015

“Geatest Show on Rearth,” the title of Lukas Geronimas’s summer solo exhibition, appears to contain typos but doesn’t. “Being a Rearthling is Geat,” wrote Geronimas in the show’s press release, which doubled as a travelogue … READ ON

IN PRINT November 2015 [TOC]

Alexa Horochowski

The Soap Factory

October 2014

In a photograph at the Soap Factory’s current exhibition, two collapsible chairs on a concrete rooftop terrace face the sunset. Welcome to Casa Poli. Straight out of modernist fantasy, the white-cube cultural center sits above the surf-pounded… READ ON


Jacolby Satterwhite

The Bindery Projects

October 2013

In Jacolby Satterwhite’s dizzying digital multiverse of 3-D animations, nothing is as it seems. Take, for instance, his video The Country Ball, 1989–2012, in which exuberant scenes of celebration give way to tortured netherworlds. The … READ ON



Midway Contemporary Art

June 2013

Contrary to its pleasant title, this exhibition presents an array of troubling histories. For example, the legacies of Belgium’s colonial past feature prominently in Sven Augustijnen’s series of photographs “Les Demoiselles de Bruxelles,”… READ ON


Pamela Valfer and Christina Empedocles

Burnet Gallery

October 2012

“Exactitude,” the title of Pamela Valfer and Christina Empedocles’s elegant exhibition, may capture the artists’ impeccably precise technique, but it misses the point: What makes the drawings compelling is not craft per se but, … READ ON