Claudia La Rocco

Game On

October 2015

IT’S A FUNNY THING to spend five hours with something and not know how you feel about it. This is especially true when it’s someone else’s thing, that you have ostensibly, or so convention holds, been invited in to witness.  Sarah … READ ON


Back to the Future

August 2015

HERE IT IS: the annual highly selective, totally subjective, goddammit-I-only-remembered-the-best/weirdest/awfullest-thing-after-it-was-published, New York fall performance preview. Trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you.  I decided… READ ON


Albert Evans (1968–2015)

Claudia La Rocco on Albert Evans (1968–2015)

August 2015

“AFTER SPEAKING WITH ALBERT EVANS, a reporter’s transcript is filled with notes like ‘big laugh,’ ‘throws hands up dramatically,’ and ‘mischievous whisper.’ ”  That sentence didn’t make my editor’s cut for the 2006 New… READ ON


Naked Truths

July 2015

AT SOME POINT in Mike Taylor’s mockumentary DANCENOISE: The Phenomenon (1992), Richard Foreman holds forth, pointing out that you never know whether people are “really picking up on the salient points” of DANCENOISE or simply having … READ ON


Identity Play

June 2015

IF THERE IS A HEAVEN, there will be a theater. And if there is a theater, it will be Oakland’s Paramount, a marvel of kitschy and sublime Art Deco grandeur. And if there is a ballet for you to watch, while you fill out the necessary forms… READ ON


Now and Then

May 2015

“I’M AGAINST STYLE. I don’t know what it means, style. I’m trying to find the language of each ballet … It’s whatever came out of my soul.”  These are the sorts of statements one can somewhat get away with if possessed of a … READ ON


Body Parts

April 2015

THE SUNLIGHT from the circular window high in the wall marks time in a shifting stretching oval on the floor. I am not quite sure what I am looking at, the various piles of construction and design-related materials, also maybe marking time … READ ON


Construction Sites

March 2015

Silly Writer Construct:  See two plays, one written by a woman and directed by a man, the other vice versa. Discuss within larger context of progressive New York performance.  Shows in Question:  Social Security, at the Bushwick Starr, … READ ON


Notes to Self

January 2015

I’VE JUST DELETED the three hundred words I’d written to start this month’s column, which covers a fraction of the myriad festivals, showings, showcases, etc. mushrooming up around the annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters … READ ON


Jail Bait

December 2014

ANN LIV YOUNG had been in jail for about two hours when I got to Jack. She didn’t seem especially unhappy about it. She seemed, in fact, and no surprise, like she had the upper hand—for example, she had a chair, more than was provided to… READ ON