Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva

Stage and Screen

The 6th Art Stage Singapore

January 2016 SINGAPORE

LAST WEEK in Singapore the flow of the art was as inconsistent as the tropical downbursts. The slew of events and exhibitions—including the sixth edition of Art Stage Singapore—evoked mushrooms sprung up after the rain: hard to spot but… READ ON


Gimme Mori

Takashi Murakami at the Mori Art Museum

November 2015 TOKYO

UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES the Tokyo art world favors discretion over the spotlight. But it’s not every day that Takashi Murakami opens a show like “The 500 Arhats” at the Mori Art Museum, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo… READ ON



Galerie Lelong | Paris

October 2015

With a strange but formal elegance, “Trio” pairs recent acrylic-on-paper works by Nalini Malani with collages, photographs, and a video, all made between 1967 and 1996, by the late artists Nancy Spero and Ana Mendieta. Their commonality… READ ON


“Can The Museum Be A Garden?”

Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves

August 2015

This generous exhibition, which features works of thirty-six artists using sound, paper, video, photography, installation, and painting, ponders whether a museum can be a garden, by taking elements commonly found outdoors and inviting them … READ ON


Sérgio Costa

Galeria Bangbang

July 2015

In “Sampling Strata,” Lisbon-based artist Sérgio Costa presents a geological and naturally inspired series of works that could in fact be categorized as a reflection of extreme perceptions. On the lower floor of the gallery are his clouds… READ ON



DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

June 2015

When Jean Dubuffet coined the term art brut, he did so out of reverence for those outsiders of the art world whose authenticity drew as much from their asocial behavior or mental illness as from their resolve to put all they had into their … READ ON


Making a Scene

The 13th Prague Quadrennial

June 2015 PRAGUE

COINCIDING WITH THE FINAL WEEKEND of Art Basel, the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space took over the Czech city’s historic center. Organized around the three themes of Music, Weather, and Politics, the thirteenth edition … READ ON


In the Loop

The 13th Loop Barcelona fair


TWO EVENINGS before the vernissage of the thirteenth edition of the moving-image fair Loop, I strolled down the streets of sunny Barcelona toward the galleries for the soft launch to the week’s festivities. At ProjecteSD, crowds had gathered… READ ON


Poklong Anading


April 2015

In this exhibition, Manila-based artist Poklong Anading freely cycles through such mediums as video, sculpture, found objects, and film to record a line, a sound, or a passing thought. His observations of urbanity culminate in a series of … READ ON


Third Time’s a Charm

The 3rd Art Fair Philippines


“REMEMBER LAST YEAR, the people dancing on the first night?” asked dealer Edouard Malingue as we stood in a car park in Makati, the wealthiest of the cities composing metro Manila. “Of course I had to come back.”  For one week earlier… READ ON