Emily Wakeling

RongRong & inri

Mizuma Art Gallery

June 2014

Tsumari, in a remote region in northern Japan where Yasunari Kawabata’s 1948 novel Snow Country (Yukiguni) takes place, remains relatively cut off from progress with its late introduction of major roads and train lines. In their latest … READ ON


Danh Vo

Take Ninagawa

April 2014

For his first exhibition in Japan, Danh Vo’s flattened-boxes motif is given a local treatment. 麒麟 (Kirin), 2014, uses boxes with labels for Kirin beer. The way these boxes are neatly stacked and bound resembles the way in which Tokyo … READ ON


Yuichi Inoue

8/ ART GALLERY/ Tomio Koyama Gallery

September 2013

During his long career, the celebrated avant-garde calligrapher Yuichi Inoue gained international recognition for his bold brushstrokes. Trained under the master avant-garde calligrapher Sokyu Ueda, Inoue became associated with Abstract … READ ON