Eva Scharrer

Emmett Williams

May 2016

Barbara Wien began working with Emmett Williams in 1991, and she has continued to collaborate with the artist’s estate following his death in 2007. Her “gallery and art bookshop” makes an appropriate venue for the Fluxus pioneer’s … READ ON

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Harm van den Dorpel

May 2015

“Ambiguity points to the mystery of all revealing”—the title of Harm van den Dorpel’s recent solo show—is taken from Martin Heidegger’s 1954 essay “The Question Concerning Technology.” Deprived of its context, the line itself … READ ON

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Tue Greenfort

November 2014

Tue Greenfort’s latest exhibition, “Vis Vitalis,” comprised diverse materials—newspaper clippings, sculptures, C-prints, posters, videos—coordinated through a built-in exhibition architecture. From the outside, visitors first encountered… READ ON

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Julian Beck

September 2014

One of the highlights of this year’s Gallery Weekend Berlin was the discovery of drawings and paintings by Julian Beck (1925–1985). An artist, poet, actor, and director, Beck is mostly known for cofounding, with his wife, Judith Malina,… READ ON

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Dorothy Iannone

June 2014

It took a while for Dorothy Iannone to have her first comprehensive institutional solo exhibition in Berlin—considering that she has lived and worked here since 1976, when she was invited by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), and,… READ ON

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8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

May 2014

Curated by Juan A. Gaitán After Artur Żmijewski’s controversial seventh edition, in which activist strategies prevailed over artistic ones, the 8th Berlin Biennale (organized by Gaitán with a team that includes six artists and curators)… READ ON


Seiichi Furuya

February 2014

“I prefer to be on this side,” Seiichi Furuya’s second exhibition at Galerie Thomas Fischer, is as much about borders as it is about loss. Intentionally or not, Furuya has become the chronicler of two histories—one private, one … READ ON

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Than Hussein Clark

January 2014

On first sight, Than Hussein Clark’s debut solo show, cryptically titled “Waves (Das Glückliche Rothschild)” (Waves [The Happy Rothschild]), looked a bit like a postmodern interior-decor display. A fluffy, richly ornamented carpet in… READ ON

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Bergen Assembly

December 2013

In 2009, the city of Bergen hosted a conference called “To biennial or not to biennial?” Under discussion was a proposal to establish a new biennial in Norway, ambitiously envisioned as becoming the biggest international art event in the… READ ON

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Maryam Jafri


November 2012

“Global Slum” is Maryam Jafri’s debut solo show in Egypt and the inaugural exhibition at Beirut––a new art initiative and exhibition space that recently opened in Cairo’s Agouza district. Claiming the institution building’s … READ ON