Filipa Oliveira

João Louro

Projecto Travessa Da Ermida, Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

March 2014

“The image is strong but next to it is the void,” reads a phrase in a recent work by João Louro. The statement may well be an axiom for the artist’s overall practice, which regards the image as an entity in itself and probes the space… READ ON


Leonor Antunes

January 2014

For more than fifteen years, Berlin-based Portuguese artist Leonor Antunes has focused on such concepts as measurement, memory, and site. She assesses the space where her objects will be installed and constructs them in relation to its … READ ON

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“The Gravity of Things”

Galeria Quadrado Azul

November 2013

Gravity acts as an organizing principle in this exhibition of four works curated by Chris Sharp. Take Viola Yeşiltaç’s photograph Mise-en-scène, Untitled (I Really Must Congratulate You on Your Attention to Detail), 2012, which wages a… READ ON


Diogo Pimentão

November 2013

Since the early 2000s, Diogo Pimentão has been obsessively questioning the conventions and possibilities of drawing. Paper and graphite are the raw materials par excellence through which this London-based Portuguese artist explores three … READ ON

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Ricardo Jacinto

Vera Cortês Art Agency

September 2013

Diploplia, commonly known as double vision, is a term that Ricardo Jacinto borrows for the title of his latest exhibition. That said, sound rather than sight is at the crux of the Lisbon-based artist’s practice and this show, which consists… READ ON


Julião Sarmento

September 2013

The first thing one saw in Julião Sarmento’s recent solo exhibition was Two Frames (all works cited, 2013), a diptych composed of a black-and-white photograph of Duchamp’s Why Not Sneeze Rose Sélavy?, 1921, and a simple schematic … READ ON

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Rui Chafes

June 2013

It has become a clich. to talk about the overflow of images in our time. We hear again and again about an excess producing a kind of blindness, as if images were so pervasive as to have become transparent, slippery. Another current clich. is… READ ON

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Fernanda Fragateiro

Projecto Travessa Da Ermida

March 2013

Fernanda Fragateiro’s practice is invariably about studying a particular space or situation and intervening in it, her objective often being to direct attention to the unquestioned. In the case of her installation To Think Is to Destroy, … READ ON


José Pedro Croft

January 2013

In a career now spanning more than thirty years, José Pedro Croft has constructed a visual and conceptual language that has begun to seem practically unshakable. Particularly in the past fifteen years, we have come to expect his work to be… READ ON

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Becky Beasley

Fundação Leal Rios

December 2012

Questions related to the overlapping histories of the photographic and the sculptural, to thresholds between the two, and to conditions for exhibiting both have been at the core of Becky Beasley’s work for over ten years. Her current … READ ON