Gabrielle Schaad

Takamatsu Jirō

MOMAT- The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo

February 2015

Continuing a cycle of retrospectives featuring Japanese artists who worked in the early 1960s, the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo sheds light on Takamatsu Jirō, drawing on collection pieces as well as rarely seen notebooks and sketches… READ ON


“Tokyo Art Meeting V: Seeking New Genealogies—Bodies/Leaps/Traces”

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)

November 2014

Under the general advising of Noh performer Mansai Nomura, this thematic exhibition bridges various cultures through an eclectic selection of works while also drawing on highlights from the museum’s collection. On view are three ways of … READ ON


Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Aargauer Kunsthaus

October 2014

Though Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s portrait has adorned a Swiss banknote since 1995, the modernist pioneer’s oeuvre has not yet been exhaustively researched or presented. Thankfully, this retrospective attempts to achieve those goals by gathering… READ ON


Emanuel Rossetti

Kunsthalle Bern

September 2014

Emanuel Rossetti’s “Delay Dust” starts on an unusual note for an institutional solo exhibition. Before even entering, one encounters a work by another artist, Georgia Sagri’s Sick Building, 2014, a log lodged in a wooden, florescent… READ ON


“The Way of Painting”

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

August 2014

Against the ever-debated status of contemporary painting (“zombie formalism,” etc.), the twenty-four artists in this exhibition make one thing collectively clear: There’s simply no stopping them. The artistic arguments they support are… READ ON


Nobuyoshi Araki

Taka Ishii Gallery

June 2014

Nobuyoshi Araki’s latest show, “Love on the Left Eye,” which opened on his birthday in accord with an annual tradition of the artist to commemorate life, remixes frozen erotic poses with surface studies—for example, Tokyo’s urban … READ ON


Hiroshi Tachibana

Sprout Curation

May 2014

For his first solo exhibition in Japan, San Francisco–based Hiroshi Tachibana has fleshed out a new set of ten small paintings. Assembling traces of the subconscious, the works document and stage a phenomenological drama of the visible and… READ ON


Daan van Golden

Misako & Rosen, Misako & Rosen

May 2014

Like a perfect cherry blossom, Daan van Golden’s idiosyncratic solo exhibition “Made in Tokyo” lures the viewer in to take a closer look. The Dutch artist could be called a painter, a photographer, or even a playwright of pieces that … READ ON


Tetsumi Kudo

MOMAT- The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo

March 2014

This long-awaited Tetsumi Kudo retrospective gathers a staggering range of works from international collections. Often grotesque, his sculptural moldings of skin and body parts (such as Eugène Ionesco’s face or a penis) stand in for the … READ ON