Gemma Tipton

Liver’s Leap

The Galway International Arts Festival


IN GALWAY CITY ON SUNDAY, the film crowd was leaving as the twenty-sixth Film Fleadh segued into the Galway International Arts Festival. You could spot them easily: baseball caps at breakfast in the hotels, an urgency in the matter of … READ ON


Eva Rothschild

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

July 2014

Playful and subversive, yet completely assured in execution, Eva Rothschild’s series of installations at the Hugh Lane Gallery hint at a retelling of the history of sculpture. Klassix, 2013, has the appearance of a Doric column, topped … READ ON


Much Ado About Nothing

Marina Abramović and Ed Atkins at the Serpentine

June 2014 LONDON

IT WAS A PERFECT SUMMER EVENING: Tuesday earlier this month. The sun shone in Kensington Gardens as flocks of joggers breezed by the ever-lengthening line outside the Serpentine Gallery. Names were given, ticked off lists on clipboards, and… READ ON


EVA International

eva International

May 2014

EVA, Ireland’s biennial—this year curated by Bassam El Baroni—opened with a night at the dog track. The Underdog, 2014, an art project by Humberto Vélez, provocatively changed the names of greyhounds used in a race, announcing their … READ ON


Fairy-Tale Ending

Wilhelm Sasnal at the 10th Lismore Castle Arts


LISMORE CASTLE is a neo-gothic fairy tale extravaganza of a place, with high stone walls rising above the Blackwater River, bristling with turrets and battlements and the type of windows that you feel very smug to be sitting at. No wonder … READ ON


Patrick Scott

Irish Museum of Modern Art

April 2014

Shown across two spaces—the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Visual Carlow—this magnificent retrospective covers key pieces from the career of Patrick Scott, spanning more than seventy years. The works made before 1970 are mainly at IMMA,… READ ON


Brian O’Doherty

P!, Simone Subal Gallery

March 2014

Attempting to trace Brian O’Doherty’s artistic concerns through his seven decade career is akin to falling down a rabbit hole. This would undoubtedly please the artist, who delights in the type of misdirection that aims at inspiring deeper… READ ON


Damien Flood

Green On Red Gallery

February 2014

In his latest paintings, Damien Flood takes the line for a walk. Gray lines meander through the abstract paintings Wired, Contact, Bust, and Pipe (all works 2013), which effectively connect this series of small works. There is a semblance of… READ ON


Mark Durkan


December 2013

What might the ruins of the future look like? In the past, some artists, like Komar and Melamid, have imagined them in crumbling concrete and stone, shrouded by trees. (The Russian duo’s “Scenes from the Future” series, 1975–90, shows… READ ON


Mark Curran

Gallery of Photography

September 2013

“The Market” is the culmination of Mark Curran’s project that charts the reverberations of stock markets, specifically looking at the aftermath of global economic collapse affecting those who work within the sector. Documentation in … READ ON