Gemma Tipton

Grace Weir

Irish Museum of Modern Art

January 2016

In Grace Weir’s Footnote: If only something else had happened, 2011, two sets of headphones are anchored to a stone. The audio track is an interview between the artist and cognitive scientist Ruth Byrne. “In constructing our alternatives… READ ON


“The Future is Self-Organized”

Limerick City Gallery of Art

December 2015

Exhibition fliers and newspaper clippings cover the walls of the Limerick City Gallery of Art, as if it has been turned into a fully papered box office—on a grand scale. Looking closer, one discovers that these ephemera span two decades of… READ ON


Amanda Coogan

Royal Hibernian Academy

September 2015

A mesmerizing presence, Amanda Coogan commands her space during her performances: a considerable feat, as twelve dramatic spotlit installations share the gallery. Each is a costume of sorts—the residue of past performances. On opening night,… READ ON


Jupiter Ascending

The 12th Edinburgh Art Festival

September 2015 EDINBURGH

NOTE TO SELF: Always travel with snacks. Especially when trying to work your way through four private views a night, plus afterparties. But that’s festivals for you—even the popular Edinburgh Art Festival, which ran through August and … READ ON


The Galway Way

The Galway International Arts Festival


WE SAT ON A PINK-FLOWERED COMFORTER atop a single bed, surrounded by a panoply of little-girl kitsch. A disembodied voice told of the room’s former occupant, now disappeared, “inventing tales of Barbie punishing Sylvanian Bunny,” and … READ ON


Caroline McCarthy

Green On Red Gallery

July 2015

When Theodor Adorno wrote of “art with its definitive protest against the dominance of purpose over human life,” he might have been writing a manifesto for Caroline McCarthy. The London-based Irish artist has made a career of works that… READ ON


“Riddle of the Burial Grounds”

Project Arts Centre

July 2015

Measured against geological time, humans haven’t been around for all that long. Judging from the works in this exhibition, the natural world may have met its match in humanity. Throughout the show, sixteen artists comment on the depredations… READ ON


Brian O’Doherty

Brian O’Doherty discusses his latest rope drawing at IMMA in Dublin

May 2015

Brian O’Doherty’s three “Inside the White Cube” essays were first published in Artforum in 1976. Only a few years earlier, the artist and writer had begun making his “Rope Drawings,” 1973–, which offered new ways of negotiating… READ ON


Sonia Shiel

Kevin Kavanagh Gallery

May 2015

Sonia Shiel’s oil paintings tantalize with hints of unresolved narrative. Even her titles, which are presented in the gallery handout in the form of a poem, are allusive yet ultimately obscure: honey drips / all quiet / till one day / never… READ ON


“Constructed Culture Sounds Like Conculture”

Ellis King

February 2015

I love a good dose of constructed culture, those slightly out-of-kilter worlds in which speculative fiction thrives. In this exhibition curated by Samuel Leuenberger at a relative newcomer to the Dublin arts scene, there are five artists … READ ON