Grant Johnson

“Take It or Leave It”

Hammer Museum

April 2014

Assembling works by thirty-six artists from the late 1970s to the present, “Take It or Leave It” underscores the dynamic and often blurry intersection of appropriation and institutional critique. Tempting questions arise: Does appropriation’s… READ ON


Lisa Sanditz

CRG Gallery

March 2014

In her latest exhibition, “Surplus,” Lisa Sanditz equates gestural landscape paintings with a series of quirky ceramic cacti. This particular dialogue highlights the materials of both practices, emphasizing hierarchies between art and … READ ON


Paulo Bruscky

Bronx Museum of the Arts

November 2013

O que é arte? Para que serve? (What is art? What is it for?), is printed on a sign slung around the neck of Brazilian artist Paulo Bruscky, who is imaged in a 1978 series of photographs that introduce this somber retrospective. Comprised of… READ ON