Huib Haye Van Der Werf

Jonas Lund

Boetzelaer|Nispen | Amsterdam

September 2014

Initially, the premise of Jonas Lund’s latest show in Amsterdam would seem to address a simple yet tangled question: Can a painting become art by following instructions from a book? Painted by four hired assistants following Lund’s specific… READ ON


Thomas Rentmeister

Ellen de Bruijne Projects

April 2014

Thomas Rentmeister’s work has often been referred to as “dirty Minimalism” due to his unambiguous choice of materials and the way in which their forms become abstract when presented out of context as products rather than works of art.… READ ON


Rob Voerman

Upstream Gallery

February 2014

Rob Voerman has taken to task a direct social and political engagement in the presentation of his latest exhibition, “The Fifth Season.” This is also the title of the large installation, which seems arranged like a workshop, that one … READ ON


Navid Nuur


November 2013

Navid Nuur’s “Lube Love” presents an artist who unperturbedly incorporates the basic foundations of Conceptual art in his work, while at the same time modifying these into a completely new language. Nuur’s exhibition showcases a very… READ ON


Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander on Fairfield International

July 2013

Ryan Gander is an artist based in London and Suffolk, UK. Over the past decade, he has gained international acclaim for his works that question the limits of language and knowledge. He speaks here about an artist residency he has founded with… READ ON


Joe Scanlan

De Expeditie

May 2013

In the press release for Joe Scanlan’s third exhibition at this gallery, he asks why an artist should “choose the materials of painting” during a time in which artists may work without any “obligation to a medium.” This leaves the… READ ON


Jan De Cock

Galerie Fons Welters

February 2013

Jan De Cock’s sixth solo show at this gallery reveals that he now stands at exciting point in his career, and that his work is taking on a new direction. The exhibition is an adaptation of “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Romantic Exhibition,”… READ ON


“The Future That Was”

NASA – New Art Space Amsterdam

December 2012

Participating artist Heman Chong contributed the title of this ambitious group show, curated by the artist Gabriel Lester, at the recently renamed New Art Space Amsterdam (NASA), formerly Smart Project Space. The exhibition “seeks out the… READ ON


“Recent British Painting”

Grimm Gallery

November 2012

While the title “Recent British Painting” sounds rather customary, this group exhibition organized by writer and curator Tom Morton in Grimm Gallery’s two separate spaces is quite vivid. What makes these works British is difficult to … READ ON


Charles Avery

Grimm Gallery

May 2012

Since 2004 Charles Avery has been working on his ever-more elaborate Islanders project. On display now at the gallery’s two locations in Amsterdam are works made over the past six months. Considerable focus is given to the large drawings … READ ON