Jacquelyn Davis

Christine Ödlund

Magasin III

May 2016

In a delicate fusion of scientific experimentation, metaphysics, and exchange between human beings and plants, Swedish artist Christine Ödlund provides an enchanting display of paintings, drawings, videos, and an organic installation that … READ ON


Olafur Eliasson

Moderna Museet | Stockholm

December 2015

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition “Reality Machines” serves as both a retrospective, including almost twenty key pieces from across his career, and a successful display of the modernist cohesion between art, architecture,… READ ON


Camilla Løw

Elastic Gallery

September 2015

In Norwegian artist Camilla Løw’s fourth solo exhibition, “Nerves and Muscles,” the sculptures appear to be playful jaunts, but they are quite sophisticated in terms of their placement and distinct design. The simplest impression is … READ ON


“Young Pioneers”

Kunsthall Oslo

May 2015

A group exhibition curated by Elisabeth Byre, “Young Pioneers” exhibits a diverse array of new art from Oslo-based artists who reinforce the notion that the progressive city demands more attention in the face of being usurped in international… READ ON


Ofer Wolberger

Stene Projects

February 2015

Ofer Wolberger’s first exhibition in Scandinavia, titled “Nein,” displays works ripe from the artist’s teenage inexperience. Wolberger refuses to show any signs of an original gesture with this collection of paintings, for one of … READ ON


“The Alien Within”

Malmö Konsthall

January 2015

“The Alien Within” concerns a complex dialogue around how Western society’s structure is influenced by fear as a normative factor. Emphasizing an unstable European political climate, it raises specific questions such as whether creatives… READ ON



Zacheta National Gallery of Art

October 2014

Curated by Maria Brewińska and stemming from the works of French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy’s Corpus (2002) and Corpus II: Writings on Sexuality (2013), this exhibition explores the body’s relationship to sexuality, religion, and pleasure… READ ON


Michael Manning

Carl Kostyal | Stockholm, Carl Kostyal | Stockholm

September 2014

For his solo debut, Los Angeles–based artist Michael Manning presents large-scale paintings, videos, and installations that revolve around his interest in punk counterculture movements and their rapport with “reactionary network politics,”… READ ON


Martin Jacobson


June 2014

In Martin Jacobson’s third exhibition at this gallery, titled “Landscapes,” the Swedish artist has appropriated the archetypal nature panoramas of the decorative art often found in hotel rooms and flea markets. Jacobson has altered … READ ON


“A Way of Life: Swedish Photography from Christer Strömholm Until Today”

Moderna Museet | Malmö

April 2014

Curated by Anna Tellgren, this exhibition presents an impressive ensemble—twenty-nine photographers in total with three hundred photographs spanning from the 1940s to the twenty-first century—of documentary photography from Sweden. Works… READ ON