Jan Tumlir

Lisa Anne Auerbach

January 2015

Liking the work of Lisa Anne Auerbach can simply come down to liking the things that she likes—knitting, bicycling, books, and zines. These hobbies, each threatened to varying degrees with obsolescence, are all deserving of support. Even if… READ ON

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Allen Ruppersberg

September 2014

Marc Selwyn has long been known as a dealer with historical depth, particularly in regard to Los Angeles art, so it is only fitting that the first solo show at his new Beverly Hills gallery should be a mini-survey of Allen Ruppersberg’s … READ ON

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Carter Mull

May 2014

The digital video Hearts of Gold, 2013–14—the sole work in Carter Mull’s exhibition of the same name—centers on an “artist’s book” constructed on the broadsheets of the New York Times. The newspaper format, of course, once heralded… READ ON

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“Robert Overby: Works 1969–1987”

January 2014

Curated by Alessandro Rabottini Relatively unknown outside Los Angeles, where he lived for the better part of his career, Robert Overby is “one of the best-kept secrets of postwar American art,” as this show’s press release claims. … READ ON


Mark Hagen

December 2013

“Paleo Diet,” the title of Mark Hagen’s second solo exhibition at China Art Objects, plays on notions of primitivism from a very up-to-date perspective whereby only that which is most remote from the present moment holds out any promise… READ ON

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Urs Fischer

October 2013

IN THEIR 2008 BOOK As a Weasel Sucks Eggs, Daniel Birnbaum and Anders Olsson categorize artists according to their dietary habits. There are the Kafka­esque hunger artists who scrupulously monitor their intake, consuming as little as humanly… READ ON

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“John Divola: As Far As I Could Get”

September 2013

Curated by Karen Sinsheimer, Kathleen Howe, and Britt Salvesen When John Divola began his career in the late 1970s, the lines between art photography and photography as art were still clearly drawn, and he played an important role in their… READ ON


Jorge Pardo’s Tecoh


September 2013

ACCORDING TO JORGE PARDO, “to be an interesting artist, you really have to understand your relation to other forms of production.” In other words, art’s others need not be its antitheses; artworks should not derive their meaning or … READ ON

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Richard Prince

June 2013

Richard Prince’s cowboy romance goes way back. In the early 1980s, his decision to lift imagery straight from Marlboro ads, which featured Stetson-and-chaps-clad loners riding horseback through vast western vistas or pausing for an existential… READ ON

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Stanley Kubrick

May 2013

Once poised as the medium best suited to bridge high and low cultures, film is now, arguably, more divided against itself than ever; and what remains of art according to this new configuration is increasingly confined, or so it seems, to … READ ON

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