Jens Asthoff

Amelie von Wulffen

May 2015

Goya’s a great guy—you’d be happy to go on vacation with him, see exhibitions together, or just shoot the breeze, and you can always call him when you’re feeling down. Or so it would seem, based on Amelie von Wulffen’s latest paintings.… READ ON

IN PRINT May 2015 [TOC]

Marieta Chirulescu

March 2015

Some of Marieta Chirulescu’s pictures—created in finely nuanced pale hues of gray, with faint efflorescences of color that revealed themselves only on a second or third glance—seemed to fade into the spacious white cube of Kunsthalle … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2015 [TOC]

Annika Kahrs

February 2015

The central piece in Annika Kahrs’s exhibition “solid surface, with hills, valleys, craters and other topographic features, primarily made of ice” was a 2014 HD video of the same title, running just under twelve minutes. In this work,… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2015 [TOC]

Michael Hakimi

September 2014

Michael Hakimi gave his recent show the title “Lichtfäden, die ins Bild hinüberwachsen” (Light-Threads That Wander Over into the Picture)—a phrase, as he notes in an accompanying essay, borrowed from an early description of the … READ ON

IN PRINT September 2014 [TOC]

Daniel Knorr

June 2014

In his recent exhibition “Lunarium,” Daniel Knorr presented works (all 2014, although some belong to series begun earlier) that translate various readings of urban space into the gallery sphere. The series “Berlin Wall,” 2014–, and… READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2014 [TOC]

Angela Bulloch

April 2014

For “In Virtual Vitro,” her eleventh solo show with Esther Schipper, Angela Bulloch used the gallery’s two rooms to constitute two distinct spheres. To the right were new works in characteristic Bullochian genres, including “Drawing… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2014 [TOC]

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili

December 2013

As its title suggests, the photographs in “German Flowers,” the first solo show in Germany by Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, consist almost entirely of floral motifs. At first glance, erratic and irreducible differences separate her works—as… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2013 [TOC]

Alan Charlton

November 2013

Alan Charlton describes his work with characteristic understatement: “I am an artist who makes a gray painting”—a declaration that seems just as minimal as the paintings themselves. And since 1970, true to his word, this protagonist of… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2013 [TOC]

Paul Winstanley

Galerie Vera Munro

October 2013

The title of British painter Paul Winstanley’s current exhibition, “Art School,” is also the name of paintings on view of art-academy interiors across Great Britain, based on photographs he shot of the spaces. If traditions of landscape… READ ON


Stefan Panhans

October 2013

Stefan Panhans’s art has been very present of late, with two overlapping shows as well as a public work: In Hamburg, the exhibition “The Long Goodbye (Pre-Afterwork-Ok-Clubset”) took place at Dorothea Schlueter, while the art-in-public-space… READ ON

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