Jo-ey Tang

Josephine Halvorson

Josephine Halvorson talks about her project at Storm King Art Center

August 2016

The Massachusetts-based artist Josephine Halvorson has long plumbed psychological depth in her paintings through surface texture, with an acute sensitivity to light, scale, and the passing of time. Her latest and largest project, Measures, … READ ON


Jacopo Miliani

La Plage

August 2016

Longing is a defiant, out-of-body experience. Voguing, an instrument of consciousness transformation—named in homage to the fashion magazine—is a dance form that grew out of New York’s African American and Latino gay communities starting… READ ON


Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Éditions Dilecta

May 2016

Does obscurity allow certain things to burn more intensely, away from the grit of sight, of earthly matters? And if the flame is witnessed, is its extinguishment nigh? History is rife with instances of disappearance, willful and not. Emmanuel… READ ON


Oscar Tuazon

Galerie Chantal Crousel

March 2016

Oscar Tuazon’s current exhibition, appropriately titled “Shelters,” examines the twinned specters of hope and idealism through industrial design through the lens of his Pacific Northwest upbringing.  The nucleus of this show is Quonset… READ ON


Quintessa Matranga and Rafael Delacruz

Et Al.

January 2016

The rabbit hole of pop apotheosis, where Jerry Garcia, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, Elvis, and the Mad Hatter reside, threatens us with a question: Where do we go from here? Quintessa Matranga and Rafael Delacruz, in their dual exhibition, … READ ON


Carissa Rodriguez

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts

January 2016

We are all Northern Californian now. Conscious, sustainable, holistic, but with no sacrifice of artisanal luxury from our eco slow-lives. This style of contemporary living—with its ethics and repercussions—is the fulcrum of Carissa … READ ON


Pratchaya Phinthong

gb agency

June 2015

Rice, sun, parking spots, teeth, 7-Eleven—these are the elements that form the matrix of Pratchaya Phinthong’s current exhibition carved from the unstable contours of contemporary Thailand. For instance, Internal rhyme, 2015, is a set of… READ ON


“La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet”

Galerie Édouard-Manet | Ecole municipale des Beaux-arts

January 2015

An awkwardly translated error message from a programming language such as C++ or Java serves as the ontological thrust and title of this exhibition. “La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet” offers a … READ ON


Emmanuelle Lainé


December 2014

In her latest exhibition, “Don’t cheat me out of the fullness of my capacity!,” Emmanuelle Lainé pits the aggregation, accumulation, and accrual of making work against its subsequent distribution, dispersal, and distillation. Using … READ ON


Elaine Cameron-Weir

Galerie Rodolphe Janssen

October 2014

Previously exhibited in the lobby of the Medusa Cement Company’s former headquarters as part of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Bellwether project, this new installation of ten of Elaine Cameron-Weir’s sculptures emphasizes a formal and… READ ON