Kate Green

Deborah Hay

Blanton Museum of Art

April 2014

This exhibition, the first in a museum for choreographer Deborah Hay, involves an absorbing multiscreen video installation that presents four versions of a solo dance. For decades, Hay, who worked in the 1960s with Merce Cunningham and the … READ ON


Vishal Jugdeo

Lora Reynolds Gallery

February 2014

Vishal Jugdeo’s installation A Weight Dangles Above Your Head / A Shaky Picture Has No Weight, 2014, is captivating and as elusive as its subject: the instability of representation and of arriving at truth. The project’s twenty-three-minute… READ ON


Marianne Vitale

The Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria

October 2013

In one of the two large-scale installations that make up Marianne Vitale’s striking exhibition, nine cast-steel railway joints used in train switches stand vertically in an outdoor riverside meadow, like a clan of marooned, rusty beings. … READ ON



Blanton Museum of Art

August 2013

Like an excellent summer blockbuster, this exhibition has a pedigreed producer (the Walker Art Center), an accessible theme (post-1960s realism), a large cast (over fifty artists), and many stars of its genre (Ron Bechtle, Vija Celmins, Chuck… READ ON


Jessica Halonen

AMOA-Arthouse at Laguna Gloria

April 2013

There is eeriness to the perfection of the works in Austin artist Jessica Halonen’s new show. At first glance the half-dozen canvases and drawings and five sculptures appear to be flawless investigations of color, shape, and material. From… READ ON


Adam Schreiber

Linda Pace Foundation

July 2012

Some photographers manage to explore and define their subjects at the same time. Such nuance is at play in “FLANAGAN – TIRAVANIJA,” an exhibition of ten photographs, which Adam Schreiber was commissioned to shoot in the home of the late… READ ON


Walter De Maria

December 2011

Walter De Maria’s first major US museum exhibition features just nine works, but it sheds an illuminating light on his nearly fifty-year career. The lesser-known objects on view suggest that this seminal artist has much more to offer than… READ ON


Carlos Cruz-Diez

June 2011

The Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez is well known within Latin America as a pioneering Conceptualist, but he is lamentably less familiar to audiences elsewhere. “Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color in Space and Time,” a retrospective spanning his… READ ON


Gabriel Vormstein

April 2011

Those familiar with Gabriel Vormstein’s paintings and interest in the avant-garde will find it appropriate that not all the elements in his first solo museum exhibition come together flawlessly. The artist is known for using watercolors, … READ ON