Kate Sutton

Curricula Vitae

The Creative Time Summit in Venice

August 2015 VENICE

IN 1974, the Venice Biennale was effectively canceled in a unilateral statement protesting the US-backed coup that put Chilean general Augusto Pinochet in power. That year, there were no themed exhibitions and no national pavilions. Instead,… READ ON


Otobong Nkanga


August 2015

All that glitters is not gold: This much we know is true. Take vermiculite, a mineral from the mica family of silicates whose dull glint gives it the appearance of gleaming rabbit pelts. Its root trace back to the Latin verb micare, “to … READ ON


Sixty Shades of Gray

A symposium celebrating sixty years of Documenta

July 2015 KASSEL

THE JOY-TO-ANXIETY RATIO around birthdays tends to be parabolic, with celebration less fraught the closer you are to either end of the spectrum—very young or very old. When you’re somewhere in the middle, however, there may be more to … READ ON


“On Paper II”

Erika Deak Gallery

July 2015

If this group exhibition feels breezier than most, it’s not just the five electric fans in László László Révész’s drawing Verti, 2008. This breath of fresh air comes courtesy of curator Zita Sárvári, whose “On Paper II” takes… READ ON


Yan Lei

Red Brick Art Museum

June 2015

In 1997, Yan Lei quite literally made a name for himself in the art world as Mr. Ielnay Oahgnoh, a pseudonym derived by reversing the name of the artist and that of his coconspirator Hong Hao. This mysterious Mr. Oahgnoh mailed out over a … READ ON


Ciprian Mureșan and Enric Fort Ballester

Salonul de Proiecte

June 2015

“Once upon a time, there was a kitten. She was very dutiful.” So begins one of the tales tucked into Ciprian Mureșan’s latest film, an untitled collection of vignettes based on transcripts from puppeteering workshops that the artist … READ ON



June 2015

In October 2014, the grassroots organization Hollaback! released a two-minute video of hidden-camera footage in which a curvaceous brunette is catcalled as she walks the streets of New York. Intended as a public-service announcement, the … READ ON

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Hale Tenger

Protocinema | New York

May 2015

In 1995, Hale Tenger’s contribution to the fourth Istanbul Biennial was a portrait of her country as a cramped, one-room guard house, cordoned off in a concrete yard by a towering barbed-wire fence. Inside the structure were the barest … READ ON


Iman Issa

Rodeo | London

May 2015

With the seminal 1965 piece One and Three Chairs artist Joseph Kosuth laid down a semiotic three-of-a-kind and dared viewers to call his bluff. For the exhibition “Lexicon,” Iman Issa slyly tweaks this format, finding her referents not … READ ON


“Specters of Communism: Contemporary Russian Art”

May 2015

In perhaps his most popular one-liner, perestroika-era satirist Mikhail Zadornov dubbed Russia “a country with an unpredictable past.” Spanning two continents and eleven time zones, the state now known as the Russian Federation lays claim… READ ON

IN PRINT May 2015 [TOC]