Kate Sutton

House Proud

The 10th Gwangju Biennale

September 2014 GWANGJU

“WATCH OUT. You might get what you’re after.”  In 2010, David Byrne may have visited the Gwangju Biennale (as Cindy Sherman’s plus one), but in 2014, he reigned over it, albeit in absentia, after chief curator Jessica Morgan used … READ ON


George Schneeman

September 2014

I HEARD THE VOICE OF THE PORK CHOP SAY, COME UNTO ME AND REST. This block-lettered gospel fills two opposite corners of Pork Chop, 1970–73, a collaborative collage by the painter George Schneeman and the poet Larry Fagin. An upside-down, … READ ON

IN PRINT September 2014 [TOC]

Upwardly Mobile

The 1st Mobile Biennale in Romania


“ALL OF THESE BIENNALES boast of being a forum for the exchange of ideas,” curator Adrian Bojenoiu, cofounder of the Mobile Biennale, reasoned over a Bellini and a tomato-mozzarella skewer on the steps of the Museum of Fine Arts in Craiova,… READ ON


Quiet Riot

The opening of Manifesta 10


“WHAT DO YOU GET someone for their 250th birthday?” bellowed Manifesta’s curator Kasper König, employing a tone that suggested he had a few choice ideas. He was addressing a crowd gathered in the ballroom of Saint Petersburg’s Hotel… READ ON


Weekend Lovers

Oslo Gallery Weekend

June 2014 OSLO

LAST MONTH, Norway marked the two hundredth anniversary of the signing of its constitution with children’s pageant parades and the traditional fare of hot dogs and ice cream. (“Don't ask us…” curator Jenny Kinge sighed.) As for Oslo’s… READ ON


Space Odyssey

The 2nd Art Basel Hong Kong

May 2014 HONG KONG

“HONG KONG has nowhere to go. Between the river and the sea, you can’t just add another suburb,” artist Lam Tung-pang declared, turning to the stalwart audience who showed up for Art Basel Hong Kong’s Saturday Salon. “We have to … READ ON


Teresa Margolles

Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M)

May 2014

In her attempts to gauge the drug-related violence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Teresa Margolles shifts from a human body count to an architectural one. The exhibition “El testigo” (The Witness) grounds Margolles’s more recent works with… READ ON


“When the Stars Begin to Fall: Imagination and the American South”

The Studio Museum in Harlem

May 2014

Southern comfort comes at a cost. Or at least, so suggests Trenton Doyle Hancock’s Vegan Arm, 2006, a skeletal limb offering up a pail of what looks like Pepto Bismal at the entrance to “When the Stars Begin to Fall: Imagination and the… READ ON


Make or Break

Culture Lab Detroit

May 2014 DETROIT

FORGET “MOTOR CITY.” Detroit may yet gain a rep as a city of two wheels, not four, thanks in part to Shinola. The all-American-made luxury purveyor of watches and leather goods recently debuted a line of retro-inspired bicycles so luscious,… READ ON


Manifesta 10

May 2014

Curated by Kasper König For its tenth edition, the Manifesta Foundation will settle its itinerant biennial at the edge of a former empire, in one of the world’s oldest museums: the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. Once touted as a “window… READ ON