Kerstin Stakemeier

Harald Popp

Galerie Karin Guenther

March 2014

Harald Popp’s photographic work trades in two of the most important questions of his medium: representation and the index. But Popp works digitally, so his medium is not representational per se, and the indexical is not a material trait of… READ ON


Jochen Schmith

Esther Donatz Gallery

December 2013

For their first exhibition with the gallery, Jochen Schmith, the artist collective made up of Peter Hoppe, Peter Steckroth, and Carola Wagenplast, has taken up arbitrary phenomena and turned them into what one could call truthfully inauthentic… READ ON


Monika Baer

Galerie Barbara Weiss

June 2012

Monika Baer’s approach to painting is as systematic as it is painterly. In her current exhibition, “Return of the Rear,” she presents three new bodies of work, all precise investigations into the toolbox of her medium. Six large paintings,… READ ON


Ken Okiishi


March 2012

Ken Okiishi’s current exhibition, “Gino / Marcel Duchamp on,” is also this gallery’s first solo show, and it extends his efforts to enter into an artistic dialogue with modernist narratives, especially those of New … READ ON


Isa Genzken

Schinkel Pavillon

February 2012

Architect Richard Paulick designed the Schinkel Pavillon in 1969 as part of his modernist reconstruction of Berlin’s late-classicist Kronprinzenpalais, and its bold stylistic breaches––its polyangular shape, honeycombed plastic ceiling,… READ ON