Lee Ambrozy

Heman Chong

Heman Chong talks about Moderation(s) in Hong Kong and Rotterdam

May 2014

Singapore-based artist Heman Chong makes work that often dissolves boundaries between literature, performing arts, and graphic design. Moderation(s), his latest project, is a two-year experimental platform that involves collaborative … READ ON


Xu Zhen: A Madein Company Production

January 2014

Curated by Philip Tinari and Paula Tsai In 2009, Shanghai-based artist Xu Zhen founded MadeIn Company, trading his singular identity for a corporate brand. Now, for this sprawling survey, the bellicose prankster turns his given name into … READ ON


Ink Tank

The opening of “Ink Art” at the Met

December 2013 NEW YORK

ONE MET. MANY WORLDS. The Met’s slogan is emblazoned across Fifth Avenue over banners that cover its facade and the now under-construction Koch Plaza. The phrase heralds the museum’s globalist vision, but in Chinese characters it reads … READ ON


Yu Youhan

December 2013

Yu Youhan is best known for his contributions to the 1990s painting movement known as “Political Pop,” but these works remain only one facet in the remarkably productive career of the now seventy-year-old painter. This exhibition put his… READ ON

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Lin Tianmiao

March 2013

Lin Tianmiao’s works, gathered here in her first retrospective, flesh out her evolving relationship with organic fibers while revealing that the sophisticated and collective processes by which she produces her sculptures and installations… READ ON

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“Summoning Ghosts: The Art Of Hung Liu”

January 2013

Curated by René de Guzman Hung Liu’s debut retrospective of more than eighty works will juxtapose her socialist-realist sketches from the 1970s, made while the artist was still living in China and at the height of the Cultural Revolution,… READ ON


Missing in Action

Ai Weiwei’s opening at the Hirshhorn

October 2012 WASHINGTON, DC

THE UNSPOKEN RULE of social engagements in Beijing dictates that the most important guests on the list are those who are invited but who cannot come, because another, more important engagement keeps them away. At the recent opening of Ai … READ ON


Hu Xiangqian

Long March Space 长征空间

August 2012

At the core of Hu Xiangqian’s practice are his hypnotic performances, which reflect a vibrant sense of immediacy and humor. This is epitomized by his best-known work, Sun, 2008, a video of a two-month process during which the artist—nude… READ ON


Jiang Zhi

Times Museum

June 2012

Although based in Beijing, Jiang Zhi trained at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and is associated with a generation of video artists (including Yang Fudong) who attended the school during the 1990s. In this midcareer retrospective, the… READ ON


Sui Jianguo

June 2012

Sui Jianguo’s oeuvre illustrates a common dilemma for artists of his generation, a kind of dissociative identity disorder (aka multiple personality disorder) in both theory and practice. Although not billed as a retrospective, this was a … READ ON

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