Leslie Moody Castro

Kate Newby


August 2014

Kate Newby’s latest solo exhibition features a modest and contemplative sculptural installation that playfully exploits the conventions of the physical gallery and extends her ongoing investigation of linking different spaces in nuanced … READ ON


Theo Michael

Galeria OMR

June 2014

Made of sensitive materials such as tape, cardboard, and clay, the majority of the work in Theo Michael’s latest solo exhibition, “Reptile Dialectics,” will not survive for posterity. However, this extinction allows for opportunities … READ ON


John Zurier

Lawrence Markey

April 2014

John Zurier’s latest exhibition brings together a collection of six paintings based on the artist’s recent travels to Iceland. Barely illuminated by the natural light in the gallery space, the Minimalistic works are quiet and contemplative,… READ ON


Mungo Thomson


March 2014

Mungo Thomson’s “Crickets for Solo and Ensemble” is a two-part musical movement that is divided by the physical parameters of the exhibition space, becoming an equal two-part show. Acting as a concerto in three spaces, the show explores… READ ON