Linda Yablonsky

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New York art in November

November 2014 NEW YORK

THE OTHER DAY I heard an artist call November one of the two “big months” for art in New York. The autumn air is crisp, the moon is high, and the prices achieved at auction jump over it. Blue-chip dealers compete by opening big-ticket … READ ON


Dancing with the Stars

LACMA’s Art + Film gala

November 2014 LOS ANGELES

WHAT HAPPENED TO ART in the twentieth century was film. It gave fine artists a new medium and storytellers a visual language. Today, artists like Steve McQueen make movies, but established moviemakers rarely make art. Not in Hollywood, anyway,… READ ON


Bright Prospects

The opening of Prospect 3 in New Orleans

October 2014 NEW ORLEANS

THERE’S ALWAYS A GOOD REASON to be in New Orleans. Last weekend, the draw was “Prospect 3: Notes for Now,” or P.3, the resonant third edition of the international biennial that Dan Cameron created in 2007, two years after Hurricane … READ ON


Live and Let Live

The Frieze Art Fair in London

October 2014 LONDON

BECAUSE ART FAIRS are truly the context of no context, the best part of Frieze London is what isn’t there. Over the last week, the fair’s greatest by-product has been the surfeit of exhibitions in the city’s galleries and museums. For… READ ON


First Wave

Frieze Week in London

October 2014 LONDON

FORGET RADICAL THINKING. To be avant-garde today means being first out of the gate. Last Friday in London, for example, the Sadie Coles, David Zwirner, and Herald Street galleries threw the switch on Frieze Week three days early. Absent the… READ ON


Chicago Hope

The 3rd Expo Chicago

September 2014 CHICAGO

WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO COME TO CHICAGO? That question, posed by a Windy City dealer last week on the eve of EXPO Chicago, begged a querulous reply. Why choose Chicago when the doors to New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Mexico City, and … READ ON


Second Coming

Week two of New York's fall openings

September 2014 NEW YORK

PEOPLE IN THE ART WORLD say that the reason openings in Chelsea have become so overcrowded is because people who are not in the art world have heard that they can get free booze there. Whatever the explanation, walking between receptions—and… READ ON


There Goes the Neighborhood

Fall openings in New York

September 2014 NEW YORK

EVERY YEAR, for the two weeks following Labor Day, the art and fashion worlds own New York. Runway shows overlap with gallery openings and gallerinas keep pace with modelistas. Last Wednesday, September 3, Rachel Feinstein colluded with the… READ ON


All Dogs Go to Heaven

Jeff Koons’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum

July 2014 NEW YORK

TIME AND AGAIN, Jeff Koons has said that his art is all about “transcendence,” that he wants it to help people feel good about themselves. Last Tuesday night, during an exclusive patrons’ preview of “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” at… READ ON


House of Style

Juergen Teller, Rashid Johnson, and Paweł Althamer in Greece

June 2014 ATHENS

SUMMER CAMP started early this year with a weekend of post-Basel R & R in Greece. Actually, the Swiss fair was still in progress when the first escapees arrived in Athens last Friday. With hardly a stop for breath, artists, collectors, and … READ ON