Linda Yablonsky

Second Coming

Week two of New York's fall openings

September 2014 NEW YORK

PEOPLE IN THE ART WORLD say that the reason openings in Chelsea have become so overcrowded is because people who are not in the art world have heard that they can get free booze there. Whatever the explanation, walking between receptions—and… READ ON


There Goes the Neighborhood

Fall openings in New York

September 2014 NEW YORK

EVERY YEAR, for the two weeks following Labor Day, the art and fashion worlds own New York. Runway shows overlap with gallery openings and gallerinas keep pace with modelistas. Last Wednesday, September 3, Rachel Feinstein colluded with the… READ ON


All Dogs Go to Heaven

Jeff Koons’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum

July 2014 NEW YORK

TIME AND AGAIN, Jeff Koons has said that his art is all about “transcendence,” that he wants it to help people feel good about themselves. Last Tuesday night, during an exclusive patrons’ preview of “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” at… READ ON


House of Style

Juergen Teller, Rashid Johnson, and Paweł Althamer in Greece

June 2014 ATHENS

SUMMER CAMP started early this year with a weekend of post-Basel R & R in Greece. Actually, the Swiss fair was still in progress when the first escapees arrived in Athens last Friday. With hardly a stop for breath, artists, collectors, and … READ ON


Fun and Fancy Free

The 45th Art Basel

June 2014 BASEL

MY WATCH STOPPED last Monday, just as the VIP opening of Art Unlimited got underway. There couldn’t have been a more appropriate way to dive into the vortex of Art Basel, where time stands still and thousands of high-priced objects and … READ ON


Time and Time Again

Zurich Art Weekend

June 2014 ZURICH

LIKE OTHER TRIBAL CULTURES, the art world has rituals. One of them is Zurich Art Weekend, foreplay for pilgrims heading to Basel and feeling starved for visual stimulation after a long flight. With Kunsthalle Zürich leading the action, … READ ON


Tale of Two Cities

The 14th Venice Biennale of architecture

June 2014 VENICE

WHILE IN VENICE, I didn’t hear a single joke about architects. This is a profession that appears to take itself very seriously—no bad behavior while away from home. At least, that’s how it seemed over three preview days at the Fourteenth… READ ON


Aires Strike

The 23rd arteBA in Buenos Aires


ON MAY 21, I arrived in Buenos Aires for the opening of arteBA, thinking it Argentina’s first contemporary art fair. I was wrong. It was number twenty-three.  Where had I been? Certainly not in Palermo, the neighborhood of La Rural, the … READ ON


Sound and Vision

Frieze New York

May 2014

FRIEZE NEW YORK stirs a pot that already contains a witch’s brew of its own making.  Two days before the fair’s opening, for example, Fergus McCaffrey inaugurated his nine-thousand-foot duplex on West Twenty-Sixth Street with the work … READ ON


Spring Breakers

Spring openings before Frieze

May 2014

“THERE IS A LOT GOING ON,” said one insider at an opening last week. Probably everyone in New York was saying the same thing. There is always too much to do in this town. In spring, when the dogwoods are in bloom and ramps are on the … READ ON