Lloyd Wise

Vincent Fecteau

September 2014

“My continuing struggle is that I want to express this cheesy emotion that I know isn’t cheesy,” said Vincent Fecteau in 1995. “And I don’t know how to do it.” Such a mission is difficult, but if the solution is elusive, the … READ ON

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Charlotte Posenenske

June 2014

It is somewhat difficult to believe, but until quite recently, Charlotte Posenenske was little more than a footnote, effectively forgotten by the art-historical literature until a modest installation of her reliefs and participatory sculptures… READ ON

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“Looking Back: The 8th White Columns Annual”

May 2014

In the eight years since its inception, the White Columns Annual has emerged as one of the more anticipated events of the New York art calendar. The premise—a curator’s selection of artworks on view in the city in the year preceding the … READ ON

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Josephine Halvorson

April 2014

In this show—her second solo exhibition at the gallery—Josephine Halvorson presented ten formidable paintings portraying artful decay. All created freehand and most in plein air, the canvases depict flattish or relief-like surfaces found … READ ON

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Robert Bechtle

March 2014

By now, the once-provocative innovations of Photorealism are so embedded in contemporary art that they barely register at all. Take a photographic image, paint it faithfully from a projected slide: This method is ubiquitous, deployed in a … READ ON

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Larry Poons

February 2014

The strangest item in this small exhibition of early work by Larry Poons was a brief, grainy audio recording of a short-lived rock ’n’ roll group called the Druds. Formed by Andy Warhol in 1963, the Druds released no records and never … READ ON

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Patricia Treib

January 2014

The open, airy abstractions in Patricia Treib’s recent exhibition at Wallspace—her first at this gallery—are marked by patches of color and a delicate, decorative line. Executed with a wide brush, the strokes are playful and improvisatory,… READ ON

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Paul Feeley

December 2013

Big, bold, and vibrant, Paul Feeley’s paintings are hard to miss. Rarely shown in the decades following his death in 1967, the artist’s sculptures and abstract canvases were given a major exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery in 2002. Now… READ ON

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Erika Vogt

November 2013

At the New Museum this past summer, Erika Vogt presented Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll, 2013, a project at once austere and enigmatic. Related to her 2012 installations The Engraved Plane and Grounds and Airs, shown last year at Simone Subal… READ ON

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Mac Adams

October 2013

To begin his essay published for Mac Adams’s exhibition this past summer, critic David Campany catalogues the many allusions to be found in the photographer’s work: “detective stories and news reportage, crime scenes and film noir, the… READ ON

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