Marcela Quiroz

Vida Yovanovich

Laboratorio Arte Alameda

August 2014

In Vida Yovanovich’s latest exhibition, “Grita en silencio/Memoria que se borra” (Shout in Silence/Memory That Vanishes), eight video-and-sound installations deal with the atrocious fate of the victims at Mauthausen, one of the deadliest… READ ON


Jorge Macchi

May 2014

One of the first works I ever encountered by Jorge Macchi was Vidas Paralelas (Parallel Lives), 1998, in which two rectangular pieces of glass with almost identical patterns of cracks are placed next to one another on a simple white platform.… READ ON

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“A Place in Two Dimensions”

Jumex Foundation

February 2014

For “A Place in Two Dimensions”—the inaugural exhibition at the institution’s new space—Patrick Charpenel has juxtaposed fifty works from the collection of Eugenio López Alonso with eight works by Fred Sandback. The topics that … READ ON


Luis Felipe Ortega

Marso Galería de Arte Contemporáneo

July 2013

Anyone who’s spent time with Luis Felipe Ortega’s videos knows that behind his images lie fragmented, intimate stories imbued with a complex sense of extended spatial time. Poet Tomás Segovia might have described that sense already: … READ ON


Laura Lima

May 2013

Homem=carne/Mulher=carne—Puxador Paisagem (Man=Flesh/ Woman=Flesh—Landscape Puller), 1999/2013, an installation/performance by Brazilian artist Laura Lima, was recently shown at the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporâneo. It incorporated… READ ON

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Estudio Macías Peredo

Magui Peredo and Salvador Macías speak about their pavilion in Mexico City

April 2013

Guadalajara, Mexico–based architects Magui Peredo and Salvador Macías of Estudio Macías Peredo recently won a competition for the Pabellón Eco 2013 at the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City. The spatial and aesthetic configuration… READ ON


“Las apariencias engañan: los vestidos de Frida Kahlo”

Museo Frida Kahlo

March 2013

Given the never-ending interest in Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her work, it would seem almost impossible to come up with anything new and meaningful to add to the interpretation of her oeuvre. On the other hand, devising an exhibition … READ ON


“El instinto olvidado”


February 2013

“El instinto olvidado” (The Forgotten Instinct) is an exhibition co-organized by the Parisian dealer Jocelyn Wolff and LABOR’s Pamela Echeverría. For the first part of the show, Wolff has installed a series of works in Mexico City, … READ ON


Tania Candiani

Laboratorio Arte Alameda

December 2012

Tania Candiani’s first solo museum show coincides with the reopening of the Laboratorio Arte Alameda, an old San Diego convent that had been closed for in-depth restorations over the past two years. Her installations, conceived over that … READ ON


Claudia Hans

Patricia Conde Galería

October 2012

“Cuando una persona muere…” (When Somebody Dies), 2011, is the title of one of the three photographic projects in Claudia Hans’s latest solo exhibition, “The End.” The award-winning series “Morido,” 2010, and “Imaginarios … READ ON