Mary Rinebold

Channa Horwitz

Raven Row

March 2016

Channa Horwitz combined formal rigor and intuitive perception like few others within her Minimalist and Conceptualist milieu. At this exhibition’s entrance is Language Series II, 1964–2004, an expansive collection of orange squares painted… READ ON


Pascal Vonlanthen

Fri Art

October 2015

Pascal Vonlanthen’s output accomplishes a contradiction: layered references to the analytic practices of concrete poetry, conceptual writing, and geometric abstraction, all produced intuitively. To begin with, Untitled (LALIBERTE), (all … READ ON


Daiga Grantina

Galerie Joseph Tang

November 2014

In psychoanalytic terms, a visual or a literary preoccupation with abject forms, such as sludge or refuse, is a manifestation of the death drive—an instinctive, often repressed aspiration to return to formless, corporeal material. Daiga … READ ON


Émilie Pitoiset


October 2014

Émilie Pitoiset produces artworks that trace a collection of characters through an ongoing narrative articulated across multiple platforms, including exhibition, film, and performance, the latter of which is often in collaboration with … READ ON


Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George speak about their work and current exhibition in Monaco

August 2014

“Art Exhibition” comprises forty works by British artists Gilbert & George at the Villa Paloma of the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco. The show closely traces the history of the duo’s artistic creation, including rare, early prints … READ ON


Vern Blosum

Kunsthalle Bern

July 2014

The oeuvre of Vern Blosum manifests the limits of a persona. According to the press release of the artist’s retrospective exhibition, the thirty paintings made between 1961 and 1964 on view are ascribed to Blosum, the pseudonym of the (said… READ ON


Ernst Caramelle

La Salle De Bains

May 2014

A dichotomous tension between expressive and conceptual responses to the walls of this institution is quietly provoked in this exhibition, beginning with the transitional doorways between exhibition rooms. Onto the wide walls of these … READ ON


Philippe Decrauzat

MAGASIN - Centre National d'Art Contemporain

March 2014

Like its trisyllabic title, “Notes, Tones, Stone,” this exhibition coalesces three distinct programs. The first is architectonic, following the grid of interlocking concrete slabs that form the floor of the extensive main room that Philippe… READ ON


Michael Portnoy

February 2014

“There is a certain kind of ghost that can only materialize with the aid of a sheet or other piece of cloth to give it outline,” says William S. Burroughs in his 1953 novel, Junky. So too can the ephemeral, performing human body be traced… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2014 [TOC]

Mary Rinebold

December 2013

THERE STILL REMAIN unexamined vestiges of American West Coast counterculture figure Raymond Pettibon, indicated in the exhibition “Human Wave: The Videotapes of Raymond Pettibon” (January 25–March 17, 2013) through a series of unedited,… READ ON