Matt Morris

Lise Haller Baggesen


May 2016

It’s daring that this venerable arts nonprofit—which came under new leadership at the beginning of the year, announced deficits and staff layoffs, then moved out of its premises of over a decade—would resume programming with Lise Haller… READ ON


Maria Gaspar

National Museum of Mexican Art

May 2016

In the installation Brown Brilliance Darkness Matter (all works 2016), a maze of curtains suspended throughout the gallery periodically opens upon tableau of stoneware ceramic sculptures set atop custom variations of bright turquoise Acapulco… READ ON


Courttney Cooper

Intuit: The Center for Intuit and Outsider Art

March 2016

The conventions of mapping that organize Courttney Cooper’s immense ink drawings of Cincinnati, Ohio, provide a structure for his more cognitive cartographies. An array of landmarks punctuate dark congestions of scribbled grids and city … READ ON


“Militant Eroticism”

Iceberg Projects

June 2015

ART+ Positive, an art action group first organized in New York in 1989 to combat homophobia in public policy and art censorship, displays a timeline of their exhibitions and demonstrations for this show. Ray Navarro’s installation of … READ ON


Todd Kelly and Morgan Mandalay


April 2015

Todd Kelly’s and Morgan Mandalay’s works reference paintings that are absent from their two-person exhibition—source material that is circumscribed and effaced rather than explicitly revealed by their respective moves. Kelly’s Still… READ ON


Lucy McKenzie

The Art Institute of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago

December 2014

By connecting selections from culture with instances from earlier years in her own creative practice, Lucy McKenzie scrutinizes both the apparatus of history and conceptions of selfhood. A shop window from Fritz Lang’s M, the 1972 Olympics,… READ ON


Magalie Guérin

Corbett vs. Dempsey

September 2014

Back in 2006, wealthy magnate Steve Wynn accidentally elbowed Pablo Picasso’s Le Rêve, tearing a hole through the painting. The rambunctious manner in which Magalie Guérin sets abstract body parts swinging around the compositions of her… READ ON


Carmel Buckley and Mark Harris

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA)

May 2014

In their installation Sparrow Come Back Home, 2014, Carmel Buckley and Mark Harris investigate processes of recollection. The British duo accomplishes this through translations of Trinidadian calypso singer-songwriter Mighty Sparrow’s album… READ ON


“Tony Greene:”

Iceberg Projects

April 2014

Synchronized with a capsule exhibition of Tony Greene’s canvases in the current Whitney Biennial, this group show curated by John Neff gathers works by the late painter and pieces from eight (queer-identified) artists. If the roster seems… READ ON


Dana DeGiulio

The Suburban

January 2014

Over the past thirteen years, wounds and ruins (and ruined bodies) have occupied Dana DeGiulio’s paintings. With a similar gravitas, she is presenting new work at the Suburban, an exhibition space in the backyard of Michelle Grabner and … READ ON