Matthew Bourbon

Otis Jones and Bret Slater

Holly Johnson Gallery

June 2014

Otis Jones and Bret Slater each make spare, nearly monochromatic paintings that are injected with basic shapes of opposing colors. Both artists toy with oddly shaped canvases and an elementary language of marks and forms. Nominally, their … READ ON


Robert Smithson

Dallas Museum of Art

March 2014

Few artists are as universally known for a single work of art as Robert Smithson is for Spiral Jetty, 1970. Yet this art-historical hallmark wouldn’t have existed had Smithson not been commissioned to create a site-specific installation … READ ON


Katharina Grosse

Nasher Sculpture Center

July 2013

Naming her current show at the Nasher Sculpture Center “Wunderblock,” Katharina Grosse harks back to a familiar toy that allows children to write on its surface and then erase their marks with the lift of a cover. By using this gadget as… READ ON


Mark Manders

Dallas Museum of Art

February 2012

Mark Manders is fascinated by the potential meanings embedded in objects. Displaying a sensitivity to the relationship of objects to one another, and the relationship of forms to their environment, Manders crafts and arranges his ambiguous … READ ON


Matt Connors and Fergus Feehily

June 2011

Matt Connors and Fergus Feehily traffic in a reductive and relational mode of painting—each takes a dialogical stance toward a host of modernist tropes and the act of display itself. Of the two artists, Connors’s seemingly nonchalant … READ ON


Yigal Ozeri

October 2009

Taking a page from Carl Jung’s theories on the feminine “anima,” Yigal Ozeri approaches realism as a means to project his own thoughts into the interior lives of several young women. In a recent interview, he stated that he befriended… READ ON


Richard Patterson

March 2009

Richard Patterson’s art offers a tangled composite of painterly stratagems and snarky sexual gags. Whether painting the Spice Girls naked near a lothario-looking cat-man or rendering himself dressed only in his underwear, Patterson enjoys… READ ON


Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler

November 2008

Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler’s captivating exhibition smartly balances an interest in revealing the mechanisms of filmmaking with a seductive fixation on dramatic yet common stories. The cumulative effect of their art is one of … READ ON


Archie Scott Gobber

May 2008

Cleverness seems to be the guiding principle in Archie Scott Gobber’s current exhibition. Employing a cynical and puckish wit, Gobber’s art is a cross between the text-based paintings of Ed Ruscha and the sign collages of Jack Pierson. … READ ON


Vernon Fisher

September 2007

Vernon Fisher continues his backhanded engagement with cultural material from times past—in this exhibition, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness serves as the key for interpreting seven new large paintings and one expansive wall installation.… READ ON