Melissa Canbaz

Reena Spaulings

Galerie Neu | Linienstrasse

February 2015

In Reena Spaulings’s exhibition “Sea Landscapes,” an iRobot Scooba 450 floor-scrubbing machine paints large-format images. The robot’s algorithm reinterprets the dramatic landscapes of J. M. W. Turner by shuttling matte paints from … READ ON


“The Word Today Serves No One Except to Say to the Grocer Give Me a Pound of Lentils”

Supportico Lopez

December 2014

The title of this exhibition is a quotation from Henri Chopin’s 1967 essay “Why I am the Author of Sound Poetry and Free Poetry,” in which he made a plea for release from the constraint of deploying words solely for purposes of explanation.… READ ON


Sue Tompkins

Galerie Micky Schubert

October 2014

“It’s an orange brainwash tribute, it’s a revolution love infidelity speech,” spoke Sue Tompkins in a kind of rap during a performance on the opening night of her current solo exhibition, “Zog, I’m not over today.” The spoken … READ ON


Scott King

Between Bridges

July 2014

The oversize works by artists such as Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley are today installed to unleash a “Bilbao effect,” which became a popular term after Frank Gehry built the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, transforming the poor port city … READ ON


Rachel de Joode

Neumeister Bar-Am

April 2014

Functionally, the skin is the most multifaceted organ of the human organism. In its protective capacity, it serves as the boundary between interior and exterior, between ourselves and the world; simultaneously, it works as a connective organ… READ ON


Hannah Höch

Whitechapel Gallery

March 2014

Grotesque portraits of men with animal bodies, images constructed around a red mouth, dancing bees that hover in the sky: Hannah Höch’s works are layerings of body and object that often interweave sociopolitical themes with a punk aesthetic.… READ ON


Karla Black


February 2014

Transparent adhesive tape is not normally visible, but in this exhibition it appears as a curtain of delicately glancing light. Karla Black’s Stop Counting (all works 2013), hanging vertically between the ceiling and floor, consists of … READ ON


“The Best of the Best: On the Risky Business of Art”

Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen

November 2013

Art that doesn’t instantly become capital had better get out of the way. This neoliberal mind-set doesn’t necessarily come out in favor of art, but it nevertheless reflects all too well a current tension. “The Best of the Best: On the… READ ON


“Signs Taken in Wonder”

Kunstverein Hannover

October 2013

Since late May, Istanbul has been a frequent topic of conversation in the news. The waves of protest that began with demonstrations against a proposed development on the site of Taksim Gezi Park produced demonstrators committed to opposing … READ ON


Nina Beier

Glasgow Sculpture Studios

August 2013

Nina Beier’s solo debut exhibition in Scotland is undoubtedly diverse and lively, yet it is rooted in something very unlively: Despite amusing moments and a playful, light touch, the Danish artist is here largely concerned with issues of … READ ON