Murtaza Vali


Luhring Augustine | 531 West 24th Street

November 2014

Throughout art history, the technique of collage has commonly been used to create juxtapositions that highlight disjuncture and difference. Zarina’s latest exhibition, “Descending Darkness,” is a tour de force demonstration of how … READ ON


Nick Cave

Jack Shainman Gallery | 513 West 20th Street, Jack Shainman Gallery | 524 West 24th Street

September 2014

In “Made by Whites for Whites,” a sister exhibition to “Rescue” at Jack Shainman's Twenty-fourth Street gallery, Nick Cave abandons his signature Soundsuits—flamboyant and playful bodysuits fashioned out of everything from fabric,… READ ON


L'avenir (Looking Forward)”

September 2014

Curated by Gregory Burke, Peggy Gale, Lesley Johnstone, and Mark Lanctôt Under its new artistic director, Sylvie Fortin, La Biennale de Montréal is undergoing an ambitious reboot; fittingly, futurity will be the subject of the 2014–15 … READ ON


Mithu Sen

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

July 2014

Commissioned by the museum, and conceived of as a tongue-in-cheek “collaboration” with the museum’s architect, Zaha Hadid, Mithu Sen’s playful but unsettling Border Unseen, 2014, opposes the brutally rigid and abstract geometry of … READ ON


Reza Aramesh

June 2014

Although Reza Aramesh draws on an extensive archive of media images of wartime atrocities for representations of male bodies in moments of pain, suffering, and forced submission, his performances, large-scale black-and-white photographs, and,… READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2014 [TOC]

Ingrid Hora

April 2014

A photograph of the torso of a modestly dressed woman greeted us in the vestibule of “Dear Leader,” Ingrid Hora’s elegant solo debut in Dubai. Titled Positions for leading, 2013, it shows the Berlin-based Italian artist facing the camera… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2014 [TOC]

Heidi Bucher

Swiss Institute

March 2014

Heidi Bucher began using liquid latex in the late 1970s upon her return to Zurich after a spell living in Southern California. She most famously used the medium to produce what she called Häutungs or “skinnings.” Applying it atop fabric… READ ON


Sreshta Rit Premnath

KANSAS Gallery

February 2014

An unlikely art-historical accident anchors Sreshta Rit Premnath’s mind-bending exhibition. On a pair of windows of an apartment turned gallery and then studio in Warsaw two artistic signatures—Daniel Buren’s 8.7-centimeter painted … READ ON


“I Look to You and I See Nothing”

Sharjah Art Foundation

February 2014

Though simply worded, the title of this thought-provoking exhibition succinctly maps its complex conceptual, phenomenological, and philosophical terrain. By asserting a distinction between looking and seeing, it introduces distance between … READ ON


Sara Naim

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

September 2012

Twenty-first-century Dubai is a true simulacrum. Before the 2008 recession sent its high-flying real estate market into a sharp nosedive, the city’s ever-evolving urban form was largely experienced not through physical encounters with built… READ ON