Nathaniel Lee

Lionel Maunz


April 2016

Lionel Maunz’s fourth solo show with this gallery, “Fealty,” pushes creepiness outside of a general, and easily commodified, aesthetic experience. The title refers to, among other things, the bonds of family, and all the torturous shit… READ ON


Jason Rhoades

Rose Art Museum

October 2015

Jason Rhoades spent the entirety of his career—cut short by his death in 2006—blending sculpture, installation, and performance into a densely packed continuum of artistic production. Rhoades’s sculptures are massive orgies of stuff, … READ ON


Emily Mae Smith

Junior Projects

July 2014

In “Novelty Court,” Emily Mae Smith presents paintings that employ a personalized iconography as a means toward unabashed self-assertion and its liberatory effects. For the most part, the motifs in these canvases are proprietary, culled… READ ON


Valhalla, I Am Coming

November 2013

WITH TEMPERATURES in the mid-twenties and a forecasted high of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention a “wind advisory” in effect until 6 PM, the last Sunday before Thanksgiving in New York City began as either the first real day of winter… READ ON


Joshua Abelow

James Fuentes LLC

October 2013

Repetition is integral to the practice of Joshua Abelow, an artist who has succeeded in parlaying a individual iconography and persona into an emergent artistic presence in New York. The work in “Abelow on Delancey”—graphite drawings;… READ ON


Pick Your King

Nathaniel Lee on Sacrificial Youth

October 2013

“OK, LISTEN!” a hearty midwestern voice declares. Then: “This next song is about people trying to tell you what to do…” After a juvenile inventory of ways in which society circumscribes the individual, the vocalist, our soon-to-be-hero… READ ON


Anne-Lise Coste

Eleven Rivington

August 2013

Anne-Lise Coste reiterates the humanistic thrust of Picasso’s Guernica in a series of twelve large airbrushed canvases. Coste carries the stylization of Picasso’s figures directly over to her own paintings, retaining an unequivocal anguish… READ ON


Eamon Ore-Giron

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

July 2013

Eamon Ore-Giron’s paintings evoke that exciting moment at the advent of abstraction when static, retinal perspective no longer seemed capable of representing modern life and visual artists began looking to other art forms such as music and… READ ON


Joe Zucker

Mary Boone Gallery

April 2013

Joe Zucker has an interesting way of melding subject matter and the objective qualities of materials in his paintings. After all, from 1975 to 1976, Zucker executed an intensive series about the ignominious history of US cotton production … READ ON


“Your Content Will Return Shortly”

Franklin Street Works

March 2013

What has become of television, that ugly box that once sat in our living rooms, satiating our appetites for information and inanities with its one-way stream of content? This group show, including ten artists—Christopher DeLaurenti, Eric … READ ON