Nicolas Linnert

Villa Design Group

Mathew | NYC

January 2015

Villa Design Group’s first exhibition in New York, “One Blow In Anger (Evidence 2011–2014),” sinisterly flirts with the porous, parasitically connected lifestyles and aspirations of bohemia and the bourgeoisie. Here, aristocratic … READ ON


Chuck Nanney

December 2014

The sculptures that constituted “BODY PARTS & ORACLES,” Chuck Nanney’s first solo exhibition in more than a decade, abide by a lurid color scheme of lime green, neon pink, scarlet, and cerulean, which cumulatively generated an electric… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2014 [TOC]

Joshua Smith

Essex Flowers

September 2014

Seven abstract monochrome canvases are displayed between unframed black-and-white photographs in Joshua Smith’s solo exhibition “The Blue Album,” some of which document a day trip to the beach that the artist took with two friends. Liz… READ ON


Patricia Esquivias

Murray Guy

July 2014

Probing the relationship between historical preservation and individual memory, Patricia Esquivias’s film 111-119 Generalísimo/Castellana, 2014, traces stories around a 1950s housing project in Madrid’s current-day financial district. … READ ON


Louise Lawler

Metro Pictures

July 2014

Louise Lawler’s exhibition “NO DRONES” traces the forms of some of her most cited and contested photographs, exchanging color and shadow for reedy, suggestive black lines that interrogate an image’s construction and potential for … READ ON


Hervé Guibert

Callicoon Fine Arts | 49 Delancey Street

June 2014

Of the nearly fifty photographs by Hervé Guibert on view here—the largest assembly in the US to date—all but a few exceptions are captured within intimate, directionally lit interiors. As a photographer, journalist, theorist, and AIDS … READ ON


Raymond Pettibon

Venus Over Manhattan

May 2014

Raymond Pettibon’s oeuvre of drawings presents its ambivalent attitude to avant-garde resistance by illustrating acts of sexual or violent depravity via mainstream American iconography, produced at an industrial scale and rate of production.… READ ON


Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

303 Gallery

May 2014

Interiority and reflection are key themes of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s New York debut, which comprises treasured pieces from the artist’s wardrobe alongside prints and biographical ephemera. Clothing is presented as a tool that … READ ON


Rose Marcus

Eli Ping

March 2014

Rose Marcus’s solo exhibition “March” comprises four expansive ink-jet prints on vinyl adhered to the walls; each are cropped photo enlargements that depict shadowy figures from the waist down. The imagery (reminiscent of surveillance… READ ON


Sarah Sze

The Fabric Workshop and Museum

March 2014

One of the more poignant aspects brought to mind from Sarah Sze’s untitled three-floor installation from 2013 is its deliberate, insistent display of artistic choices. Sze is known for scouring public environments, bringing in often gossamery… READ ON