Paige K. Bradley


The 7th Art Los Angeles Contemporary and 3rd Paramount Ranch

February 2016 LOS ANGELES

COMING HOT ON THE HEELS of Mercury’s retrograde, here we are with three art fairs—out of the frying pan and into the fire! Los Angeles is, after all, known for spontaneously combusting every few months or so.  I arrived at the first one,… READ ON


Jean Baudrillard

Château Shatto

January 2016

What did Jean Baudrillard like looking at? Based on this exhibition of his own photography, to say nothing of his authoring an essay called “The Conspiracy of Art” (1996), it certainly wasn’t art. If anything, this group of fourteen … READ ON


Young at Art

Grimes at the Guggenheim

November 2015 NEW YORK

“IS THERE A MEMBERS’ area we can go to?” quoth two blandly handsome suits Wednesday at the bar of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s annual Young Collectors’ Council preparty gala (try saying it three times fast). At $350 per head… READ ON


Jacky Connolly and Flannery Silva


October 2015

The scene is twilight, the leaves are turning, and a girl logs practice time on her acoustic guitar in an animated world shot within the 2009 PC game The Sims 3. Tear-like droplets ambiguously fall from characters’ limbs throughout. Living… READ ON


Days of Future Past

The opening of the 4th “Greater New York” at MoMA PS1

October 2015 NEW YORK

“GREATER NEW YORK,” MoMA PS1’s signature “quinquennial,” seems more like a Hunger Games Quarter Quell. A broad cross-section of artists is reunited to present an image of just what New York’s whole deal is these days. Judgments … READ ON


Hannah Black

Hannah Black discusses her solo exhibition in London at Arcadia Missa

October 2015

Hannah Black’s writings and artwork address race, gender, class, pop culture, and geopolitics, among other things. Her first solo show at Arcadia Missa in London, which she discusses here, opened on October 2 and runs through October 31, … READ ON


Net Effect

“The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” at Yarat Contemporary Art

September 2015 BAKU, AZERBAIJAN

AFTER A COUPLE HOURS’ LAYOVER and lie-down in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport—site of Edward Snowden’s own private odyssey—I arrived last Wednesday in the former Soviet colony Azerbaijan’s capital: Baku. A city of ancient architecture… READ ON


Welcome Committee

The Chart Art Fair and Copenhagen Art Week

August 2015 COPENHAGEN

INVOLVING OVER SIXTY GALLERIES, project spaces, and museums in addition to the third edition of the Chart Art Fair and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s annual literature festival, the first weekend of Copenhagen Art Week suffered no … READ ON


“What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present”

Matthew Marks Gallery | 502 W. 22nd Street, Matthew Marks Gallery | 522 W. 22nd Street, Matthew Marks Gallery | 526 West 22nd Street

July 2015

It begins with a darkened room and a gleeful sheer-noise terror from a blank screen—a ghoul running its tendrils up and down musical keys, head thrown back and shredding out its wet, throaty mating call. It’s the 1990s Providence collective… READ ON


Sarah Cain

Sarah Cain discusses her exhibitions at Honor Fraser Gallery and MCA San Diego

June 2015

Sarah Cain is a Los Angeles–based artist whose work explores boundaries between painting, sculpture, and installation. “Bow Down,” her solo exhibition at Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles, is on view through July 11, 2015. In tandem,… READ ON