Paige K. Bradley

Charles Burchfield

DC Moore Gallery

May 2015

Start anywhere, go everywhere—that would seem to be the calling card of mid-twentieth-century painter Charles Burchfield’s body of work, which predominately captures scenes from nature and rural, country life as charged by drama, tension,… READ ON


C. Spencer Yeh

C. Spencer Yeh talks about his new record, Solo Voice I – X

April 2015

C. Spencer Yeh is a New York–based artist and musician who is well known for his voice-based performances. For the past twenty years he has recorded as Burning Star Core and under his given name. His new ten-track record, Solo Voice I –… READ ON


Caitlin MacBride

Chapter NY

April 2015

Fragments, ciphers, mirroring, and a whisper about lineage are hung as five oil paintings in Caitlin MacBride’s New York debut. Presenting a mysterious array of oblong forms severed from discernable context, MacBride’s works slink around… READ ON


Peter Saul

Venus Over Manhattan

April 2015

Caught up in the fluorescent reds, acidic greens, and woozy ultramarine blues coating erotic entanglements of cartoons and classical figuration, politics and fantasy, in these acrylic and oil canvases, you could just miss the black marker … READ ON


Natalie Frank

Natalie Frank speaks about her exhibition at the Drawing Center

April 2015

Natalie Frank, an artist whose latest drawings investigate the Grimms’ fairy tales, will have an exhibition of these works at the Drawing Center in New York from April 10 through June 28, 2015, which will then travel to the Blanton Museum… READ ON


Lena Henke and Max Brand

Off Vendome | New York

March 2015

The exhibition starts in the stairwell, with battered sheets of painted cardboard woven through the banister and collaged with handmade sheets of rough, grody paper—welcome to the gallery, it’s been waiting for you. From there you ascend… READ ON


The Great Escape

The opening of the 3rd New Museum Triennial

February 2015 NEW YORK

“TO BE AN ARTIST is incredibly downwardly mobile. You could ruin your career,” says K8 Hardy in the “What-the-fuck-ennial” segment of comedian-artist Casey Jane Ellison’s talk show “Touching the Art.” “And you should, try to… READ ON


Francesca Woodman

Marian Goodman Gallery | New York

February 2015

Francesca Woodman’s brooding body of thirty, tiny photographs on view in this unassuming solo exhibition depict the artist, her friends in New York, or fellow students at RISD in the 1970s—common enough to her practice, but these works … READ ON


Saira McLaren

Sargent's Daughters

January 2015

For her first solo exhibition at this gallery, Saira McLaren shows nine paintings and three porcelain ceramic pieces that evince a keen empathy for materiality, color, and the mutability of form. The sculptures, all untitled and produced in… READ ON


John Waters

John Waters talks about his latest exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery

December 2014

John Waters is a filmmaker, writer, and artist. His latest exhibition of new photographs, sculptures, and a video is on view at Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York from January 9 through February 14, 2015.  BECAUSE CELEBRITY IS the only … READ ON