Sarah Nicole Prickett

Truth or Dare

The 13th Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2014 MIAMI BEACH

ON WEDNESDAY, a man with a plan was talking into a banana, walking down Lincoln Road. Two wives, fidgeting with rings and bracelets, prepared to step into a large inflatable concept—TRUTH—while the husbands stood a few paces back. At a … READ ON


Excite Strategy

The 13th Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2014 MIAMI BEACH

I SWEAR THE AIR in Miami is cut with tourist-grade cocaine, making sleep uneasy, sunshine itchy, each nighttime destination like being still stuck in the acid-lit caterpillar traffic. At a Monday evening preview of Kris Knight’s wonderful… READ ON


Sarah Nicole Prickett

The Year in Fashion

December 2014

RIHANNA wore a mammoth fur stole emblazoned with the four-letter word FEAR to Paris Fashion Week this past spring, and no one was confused about whether it was Rihanna or the rest of us who should be afraid. A new phase of radical invulnerability… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2014 [TOC]

Sleep No More

Kaitlin Phillips and the Creative Time sleepover

November 2014 NEW YORK

CREATIVE TIME is a venerable nonprofit arts organization that is literally forty-one years old, so if Friday night’s Fall Ball sleepover felt like a Sweet Sixteen party planned by an overanxious momma, we’re not being mean, just insensitive.… READ ON


Head of the Class

A party for Jeffrey Deitch’s Live the Art

October 2014 NEW YORK

THAT UNFAMILIAR FRESHMAN FEELING sets in annually at the New York Art Book Fair, where, in the corridors of MoMA PS1, it feels as crowded and disorienting as school again. The summer is long in retrospect, and everyone looks older under the… READ ON



June 2014

SANDY KIM takes her notorious photos by never not taking photos. Her process is a blur, and even her camera is a question mark. In a recent talk at the Aperture Foundation in New York, Kim described her tool in highly untechnical terms as a… READ ON

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Jigsaw Youth

Sarah Nicole Prickett on Matt Wolf's Teenage

March 2014

“TEEN” IS NOT AN AGE, or if it were, the Western adolescing could be neither an identity nor an interest group. Yet in nation-places from the US to Russia, the figure of “teenager,” putatively anyone aged thirteen to nineteen, didn… READ ON



March 2014

PORNOGRAPHY: You know it when it sees you. The most erotic scene in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac—a two-volume, four-hour tour of force—contains no penetration, no fucking, and almost no nudity. Instead, an ice-cool sadist (played in a … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2014 [TOC]

Writing on the Wall

February 2014

IF CAVE PAINTING is the start not of art but of communication, graffiti is also not art. If art makes history, graffiti cannot be art.  I devised this solution—like all my solutions, one part each ill logic, viscera, and things I read for… READ ON


Dries Van Noten

January 2014

Curated by Pamela Golbin Two decades ago, Pamela Golbin became curator of fashion and textiles at Les Arts Décoratifs, and when “Dries Van Noten” opens at the Parisian institution this March, it will be one of her few shows of a designer’s… READ ON