Sherman Sam

B. Wurtz

February 2016

KNOW THYSELF, reads a 1992 B. Wurtz assemblage, Untitled (sock piece #7). The Delphic maxim is scrawled on a piece of canvas flanked by a pair of mauve tube socks. Is the artist talking to us? Or to the artwork itself? It might well be a … READ ON

IN PRINT February 2016 [TOC]

Mark Flood

January 2016

In certain societies, cannibals ate their opponents to acquire knowledge. Maybe that’s why one of Mark Flood’s more notorious paintings is emblazoned with the phrase EAT HUMAN FLESH. Although none of the Texan’s thirteen recent works … READ ON

IN PRINT January 2016 [TOC]

Michelle Grabner

Rocket Gallery

December 2015

For over twenty years, Michelle Grabner has taken the vernacular patterns of domesticity as a departure point for the creation of abstract paintings. For “Gingham,” her latest exhibition, the artist transmogrifies this common, happy-looking,… READ ON


Phoebe Unwin

Wilkinson Gallery

December 2015

Unlike Phoebe Unwin’s previous exhibitions, where mostly large, colorful paintings utilized a number approaches to attack a wide range of subjects, this comparatively restrained show of seventeen new works, “Distant People and Self-Soothing… READ ON


Mario Merz

Museum of Cycladic Art

December 2015

“Numbers are prehistoric,” a small, thoughtful first survey of Mario Merz in Greece—curated by Paolo Colombo, presented by NEON—begins with Lumaca, 1970, a video by Gerry Schum of Merz drawing a spiral emanating from a snail, expanding… READ ON


Ella Kruglyanskaya

December 2015

Ella Kruglyanskaya wants to be a great painter, so she says, not “a good woman artist.” Although her paintings are largely populated by women and her 2012 exhibition at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise was called “Women! Painting! Women!,… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2015 [TOC]

Ellen Gronemeyer

November 2015

“Keine Minute Ruhe” (Not a Moment’s Rest) was the title of Ellen Gronemeyer’s recent solo exhibition, and it served as an apt description of any encounter with her paintings. Reminiscent in style of both James Ensor and Jean Dubuffet,… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2015 [TOC]

Moyra Davey


October 2015

Moyra Davey employs the postal service as a vehicle for artistic production, while literature acts as a point of departure for her videos. The resulting images, which have been mailed by Davey to the gallery, include photography, collage, … READ ON


“The Gap: Selected Abstract Art from Belgium”

Parasol unit

October 2015

Curated by Luc Tuymans, this selection of Belgian abstraction spanning two generations and fifteen artists—hence the “gap” of the title—is not what is to be expected. The Belgian painter describes the works as possessing “an element… READ ON


Nancy Shaver

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

October 2015

Nancy Shaver uses and reorganizes the material chaos of our visually saturated everyday. As an assemblage artist, she weaves together found patterns and refashions them into eclectic juxtapositions of disorderly order. A typical Shaver form… READ ON