Sherman Sam

Ellen Gronemeyer

November 2015

“Keine Minute Ruhe” (Not a Moment’s Rest) was the title of Ellen Gronemeyer’s recent solo exhibition, and it served as an apt description of any encounter with her paintings. Reminiscent in style of both James Ensor and Jean Dubuffet,… READ ON

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Moyra Davey


October 2015

Moyra Davey employs the postal service as a vehicle for artistic production, while literature acts as a point of departure for her videos. The resulting images, which have been mailed by Davey to the gallery, include photography, collage, … READ ON


“The Gap: Selected Abstract Art from Belgium”

Parasol unit

October 2015

Curated by Luc Tuymans, this selection of Belgian abstraction spanning two generations and fifteen artists—hence the “gap” of the title—is not what is to be expected. The Belgian painter describes the works as possessing “an element… READ ON


Nancy Shaver

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

October 2015

Nancy Shaver uses and reorganizes the material chaos of our visually saturated everyday. As an assemblage artist, she weaves together found patterns and refashions them into eclectic juxtapositions of disorderly order. A typical Shaver form… READ ON


Ann Craven

October 2015

Ann Craven’s third solo exhibition in London was also the first devoted entirely to her palette paintings. As the name of the show, “Untitled (Palettes: Naked, Tagged), 2013–14,” implied, the fifty canvas objects on view in the gallery,… READ ON

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Imi Knoebel

White Cube | Bermondsey

September 2015

There has always been a matter-of-fact quality to Imi Knoebel’s art: The artist calls on basic structures to convey the ineffable nature of color. This exhibition of ten recent, predominately wall-based works, his first ever solo in a … READ ON


Patricia Treib

September 2015

At first glance, the ease with which the eye travels through one of Patricia Treib’s paintings belies the complexity she brings to the canvas. The seven large paintings and three smaller works in this New York–based artist’s exhibition… READ ON

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David Reed

Haus Lange and Haus Esters Museums

July 2015

Constructed with five stenciled gestures, including four taken and reified from his life’s body of work, the painting The Mirror and the Pool, 2015, is David Reed’s response to this venue’s Mies van der Rohe building. It is a new work,… READ ON


Ellen Altfest

MK Gallery

June 2015

Ellen Altfest is known for her painstakingly slow approach to bringing her paintings to fruition—a depiction of a dead tree once took her thirteen months of daily work in the woods of Connecticut. Given this time frame, the twenty-two … READ ON


Ian Woo

June 2015

Although the title of Ian Woo’s most recent exhibition was “Falling Off Plastic Chairs,” the sensation created by its five large paintings and seven works on paper was more of a sense of slippage. At first glance, Woo’s paintings … READ ON

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