Sherman Sam

“Rare Earth”

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary

April 2015

There are seventeen rare Earth elements in the periodic table. Perhaps best known for their presence in cell phones, among other forms of technology, they provide the departure point for the artists—seventeen of them, appropriately—contributing… READ ON


Bill Lynch

April 2015

This selection of nine mostly undated paintings plus one large book of paintings on paper was only the second one-person exhibition of Bill Lynch, who died in 2013, at age fifty-three. Chosen from a thirty-year body of work, a larger group … READ ON

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Roy Voss

Matt's Gallery

March 2015

Roy Voss’s latest exhibition, “All the World’s a Sunny Day,” consists of 101 found and manipulated holiday postcards hung tightly in a single line around the space. Picked from an ongoing series, the cards themselves range from the … READ ON


Nick Mauss

March 2015

Nick Mauss’s work embodies drawing—which may come as a surprise, considering that, at first glance, his latest exhibition consisted of six cut powdered-coated-steel sculptures, four plaster wall pieces, and one work in aluminum leaf. That… READ ON

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Shinro Ohtake

February 2015

Visitors to the 2013 Venice Biennale will remember Shinro Ohtake’s numerous scrapbooks in the lower level of the Central Pavilion. Displayed in glass cases, these open tomes radiate charm through their density of accumulated colorful papers.… READ ON

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Daniel Guzmán

Drawing Room

January 2015

Daniel Guzmán has described himself as a “rock ’n’ roll artist at heart.” His Mexican heritage is his other great fount of inspiration. Known for his draftsmanship, the earlier, complex black-and-white drawings bring Raymond Pettibon… READ ON


Jack Bilbo

January 2015

Hugo Baruch was born in 1907 in Berlin, where he died sixty years later; in 1922, he became “Jack Bilbo,” and it was time spent in England from 1933 to 1948 that saw the genesis of his creative life. Entirely self-educated as an artist,… READ ON

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Phyllida Barlow

December 2014

Over the past decade, Phyllida Barlow has deservedly moved from being a cult artist to exhibiting on the international circuit. This year saw a triple bill from the septuagenarian, including a retrospective of drawings at Hauser & Wirth in … READ ON

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Henry Moore Institute

October 2014

Before immigrating to Venezuela in 1939 and turning to sculpture, Gego—who was born Gertrude Goldschmidt in 1912 and passed in 1994—was trained as an architect in Hamburg. However, sculpture may not be the best term to describe her work… READ ON


“On the Devolution of Culture”

Rob Tufnell

October 2014

With a wink to both Man Ray’s La Fortune, 1938, and Sherrie Levine’s subsequent ’90s homage, the seventy-six ordinary-looking objects arranged neatly on a snooker table in this exhibition resemble a very odd junk sale. However, “On … READ ON