Sherman Sam

Phyllida Barlow

December 2014

Over the past decade, Phyllida Barlow has deservedly moved from being a cult artist to exhibiting on the international circuit. This year saw a triple bill from the septuagenarian, including a retrospective of drawings at Hauser & Wirth in … READ ON

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Henry Moore Institute

October 2014

Before immigrating to Venezuela in 1939 and turning to sculpture, Gego—who was born Gertrude Goldschmidt in 1912 and passed in 1994—was trained as an architect in Hamburg. However, sculpture may not be the best term to describe her work… READ ON


“On the Devolution of Culture”

Rob Tufnell

October 2014

With a wink to both Man Ray’s La Fortune, 1938, and Sherrie Levine’s subsequent ’90s homage, the seventy-six ordinary-looking objects arranged neatly on a snooker table in this exhibition resemble a very odd junk sale. However, “On … READ ON


Simon Carroll

October 2014

Establishing a studio in a Nissen hut in Cornwall, UK, allowed Simon Carroll (1964–2009) the opportunity to begin making drawings the size of a soccer field with specially adapted rakes on the nearby beaches. These gigantic drawings, … READ ON

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Franz West

The Hepworth Wakefield

September 2014

After his passing in 2012, this first major UK retrospective of Franz West’s more interactive works has added poignancy, given that it was originally intended to be a collaboration with the artist. The exhibition focuses on his combination… READ ON


Mario Schifano

Luxembourg & Dayan | London

August 2014

Twelve works by the late Mario Schifano are on view in this tight survey produced between 1960 and 1967—a key period in which his practice matured. The exhibition has been divided into two groups and the earliest pieces depict rectilinear… READ ON


Bruce McLean

Bruce McLean discusses his fifty-year survey show at firstsite in Colchester

July 2014

Long based in London, the Scottish artist Bruce McLean is well known for his humorous conceptual works, such as his “retrospective” at the Tate Gallery in 1972, which was a one-day show titled “King for a Day” that consisted entirely… READ ON


“A Thousand Doors”

The Gennadius Library

June 2014

Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Library of Babel,” “A Thousand Doors,” the inaugural project of the NEON foundation curated by Iwona Blazwick, takes place in the building and on the grounds of the Gennadius Library. Consisting… READ ON


David Robilliard

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)

May 2014

In early 1975, the gay poet and largely self-taught painter David Robilliard moved from Guernsey, England, where he was born, to London. There, he befriended Gilbert & George, who published his first book of poems, Inevitable (1984). Robilliard… READ ON


Joyce Pensato

Lisson Gallery | London

April 2014

There is something rather scary about a larger-than-life, splashily painted Donald Duck. Even Silver Batman, 2014, a schematic Batman mask that takes up an entire wall, can evoke petrifaction as it dribbles silver and black paint like graffiti… READ ON