Simone Menegoi

Oliver Laric

ar/ge kunst Galleria Museo

December 2014

Appropriation, copy, variation, dissemination: Oliver Laric’s work hinges on these fashionable concepts. What distinguishes his output from other “post-Internet” artists is the way in which he also investigates similar notions beyond … READ ON


Marion Baruch


November 2014

Marion Baruch has a long history: Born in Romania eighty-five years ago, this cosmopolitan woman has passed through and experienced many countries, languages, and artistic phases. Her most well-known chapter coincides with Name Diffusion, a… READ ON


Franco Guerzoni

Fondazione la Triennale di Milano

October 2014

In the early 1970s, Franco Guerzoni began using photographic prints as supports, to which he applied fragments of painted or silk-screened plaster, saltpeter crystals, charcoal fragments, and other photographs. The result was a body of refined… READ ON


“Soleil Politique”


October 2014

“Soleil Politique” features a heterogeneous mix of works and documents that include two wooden Christ figures from the fifteenth century, studies by architect Carlo Scarpa for the renovation of the Museo del Castelvecchio, and a 1972 … READ ON




May 2014

Superstudio was a sui generis architectural studio. Like other major players in the international movement that Germano Celant called “radical architecture,” its members were interested not in constructing buildings to add to those that… READ ON


Micol AssaŽl


March 2014

From the start of her career, Micol Assaël has conceived of her works as total sensory experiences that engage—often rather aggressively—sight, sound, smell, and touch. This miniretrospective in Milan (with the unwieldy title … READ ON


“The Empty Pedestal. Ghosts from Eastern Europe”

Museo Civico Archeologico

February 2014

Hosted by Bologna Arte Fiera, the annual festival of contemporary art, this exhibition of work from the former Eastern Bloc is partially an homage to the Italian art collections that provided all of the pieces on view, most of which were made… READ ON


Steven Claydon

Massimo De Carlo | Milan

January 2014

Steven Claydon is fundamentally a postmodern artist. The fierce heterogeneity of his sources and the horizontal, nonhierarchical way he combines them in his work leave few doubts in this regard. But since postmodernism is a notoriously slippery… READ ON


Toni Grand

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO)

January 2014

Audacious and original, the French sculptor Toni Grand has a devoted following in his own country but remains little known abroad, even after his work appeared in the 1982 Venice Biennale and Documenta X. As a result, Grand’s current … READ ON


Omer Fast

gb agency

December 2013

Many presume that, despite its fictitious premises, pornography at least contains moments of physiological truth. After all, penetration cannot be acted, so to speak. Or can it? Omer Fast questions such assumptions in Everything That Rises … READ ON