Stephanie Bailey

“A Hundred Years of Shame”

June 2015

“A Hundred Years of Shame: Songs of Resistance and Scenarios for Chinese Nations” traced the expression of dissent and pluralism in the work of eighteen artists from the “Chinese world.” The phrase is interesting: It presents an … READ ON

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May 2015

COMING IN at just under three minutes, Travel Prayer, 2014, one of Monira Al Qadiri’s latest videos, is brief, but its focus is precise: The artist distills into this short span the momentous collisions between tradition and technology, … READ ON

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Vlassis Caniaris

May 2015

Vlassis Caniaris was insider and outsider, observer and participant, artist and citizen, all at once: a humanist who grasped the world in all its nuances and complexities. This sensibility is most evident in his “Gastarbeiter-Fremdarbeiter”… READ ON

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Tseng Kwong Chi

April 2015

The image of Tseng Kwong Chi dressed in a Mao suit, wearing Ray-Bans, and posing for a self-portrait in front of the World Trade Center for his photograph New York, New York, 1979, is undeniably iconic. After all, selfies were not yet a thing… READ ON

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Alex Hubbard and Jon Pestoni

March 2015

This was not the first time Alex Hubbard and Jon Pestoni have collaborated. In 2010 they paired up for a show at Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago, and in 2012 they produced a conversation between a “man” (in the role of the interviewer)… READ ON

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CÚcile B. Evans

February 2015

Cécile B. Evans’s recent exhibition “Hyperlinks” centered on a roughly twenty-three-minute looped video, Hyperlinks or it didn’t happen, 2014, which was shown in the corner of the gallery on a flat screen positioned in front of a … READ ON

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Kai Althoff

January 2015

Walking into this exhibition was like stepping into a time warp. Was this Kai Althoff’s imagining of a workshop of some seventeenth-century Puritan dressmaker? After all, linens were draped from ceiling to floor, and three clothed dress … READ ON

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Mary Kelly

December 2014

One line in the 1959 Situationist film from which Mary Kelly’s exhibition “On the Passage of a Few People through a Rather Brief Period of Time” took its name hovered over the show: “When freedom is practiced in a closed circle, it … READ ON

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Karen Mirza and Brad Butler

November 2014

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler’s “The Unreliable Narrator” presented the emergent twenty-first century as one that is both authoritarian and anarchic, a divide articulated through the division of the single gallery space into two rooms … READ ON

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Elias Hansen

October 2014

In Elias Hansen’s work, glass objects, including beakers, test tubes, and flasks—some found, others specially made, many brightly colored—are assembled with other secondhand items and light fixtures, often on wooden shelving, to suggest… READ ON

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