Stephanie Snyder

Mary Henry

Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art

June 2015

Well before her death, the Pacific Northwest-based painter Mary Henry was canonized as a “matriarch of modernism,” yet the introspective artist had little interest in the distractions of categorization. Henry was a painter’s painter… READ ON


Blair Saxon-Hill

Fourteen30 Contemporary

May 2015

At a glance, Blair Saxon-Hill’s newest assemblages appear to be the relics of an indeterminate past. Their distressed surfaces and moody hues evoke postwar movements such as Arte Povera and Nouveau Réalisme, and the artist’s iconography… READ ON


Rodrigo Valenzuela


March 2015

Rodrigo Valenzuela is obsessed with ruins, or more specifically, with the ghosts of decay and displacement that lurk within urban renewal. A Chilean-born immigrant, Valenzuela spent years working under-the-table construction and janitorial … READ ON


Victoria Haven

PDX Contemporary Art

January 2015

At the heart of Seattle-based artist Victoria Haven’s installation of her “Subtitles” series from 2014 is an intuitive investigation of two linguistic forms: cinematic screenplays and text-message conversations. For the past several … READ ON


Terry Atkinson

Yale Union (YU)

December 2014

It’s hard to believe this is British artist Terry Atkinson’s first comprehensive solo exhibition in America, but considering his stubborn opposition to market-driven notions of mastery and his investment in leftist politics, maybe it… READ ON


Michael Knutson and Carol Benson

Blackfish Gallery

October 2014

Portland-based artists Michael Knutson and Carol Benson, both highly accomplished artists working in an abstract vein, happen to be married. Though each artist’s work is quite distinct, this two-person exhibition of recent paintings and … READ ON


Kristan Kennedy

Soloway, Soloway

June 2014

Kristan Kennedy’s New York solo debut is a tour de force of painterly process. Kennedy works on unstretched, unraveling expanses of raw Belgian linen—soaking, machine washing, scrubbing, and occasionally brushing sumi, dye, and pigment … READ ON


Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton discusses her latest exhibition

January 2014

In recent years, Ann Hamilton has created environmental installations at the Park Avenue Armory in New York and at the Pulitzer Foundation in Saint Louis. In a recent departure from her site-responsive practice, Hamilton organized “a … READ ON


Fernanda D’Agostino

The Art Gym at Marylhurst University

November 2013

Portland-based artist Fernanda D’Agostino’s retrospective “The Method of Loci” is a feast of sensory experience and symbolic power. The exhibition’s title references the ancient art of encoding knowledge in imagined architectural … READ ON


Jesse Sugarmann

Fourteen30 Contemporary

October 2013

California-based artist Jesse Sugarmann’s recent work reimagines the barren, gridded expanses of California City, a planned community built on forty square miles of the Mojave Desert in the 1960s. The city was constructed in response to an… READ ON